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Guidance Needed - Job Offer Out of the Blue

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user1492098670 Thu 13-Apr-17 17:06:39

I am in a total an utter state of flux in my mind. I started in my new role as a Deputy Supplier Relationship Manager with my company. To be completely honest it is not something I am particularly interested in, I took the job as a route into the firm as it has a great record of training and developing people, promoting and letting you try new things without the fear of being kicked out if you are rubbish.
I spent the previous 10 years in a job which was going no where in a different area with transferable skills, thus the move. In my mind I thought I would stay in the current role for the 3 years required as a new entrant before moving to a different area which I found more interesting.
Anyway on Monday one of the bosses in the department, not the one I directly work for asked if I would like to go to work for him, it would be a level transfer and a very similar role but with more exposure to the business. Normally people would need to apply for the role, but I have been asked to move across, no application needed.
Apparently due to my good work I have been identified as a talent for the future (very flattering) and a sideways move would allow me to develop further in the field with promotion a possibility in a couple of years.
My potential new boss to his credit has invested 2-3hrs with me going through his vision for his area and his vision of my role. Very impressed with the time invested.
The things is I don’t know if I want to move I now know my role inside out and I was planning to stick at it for a couple of years before moving on to something completely different within the company, I now see this as a good move in terms of promotion, it would probably bring the prospect forward by two years., but I would have to stay in an area I am not keen on for at least 5 years before I could move to a different area at the higher grade.
The question is do I do the career thing, do something I can do but don’t really enjoy, get promoted and then move to an area I would enjoy more at that higher grade. I may add here my area is easy to get promoted in compared to other areas. Or do I move to a new area in 2 years time and find a job I enjoy more, but I might have to wait another 4 years for promotion! I am lost I was totally stunned when they said I had been identified as a talent for the future, my department clearly has a plan to develop me, but I am not sure if its what I want!!!
I may also add I suffer from anxiety, making the step to the new company was a huge step for me and its only in the last 6 months I have felt settled, in some ways the new role wold be like starting again, Help!

daisychain01 Thu 13-Apr-17 20:20:35

I am a firm believer in taking an opportunity when it comes your way, you'll never get it again. You're extremely fortunate that someone has recognised your talent and wants you to work for them. Being hand selected always maximises your chance of success with a manager showing a commitment to you.

Why wait for another 2 years and then move when you can make the change immediately.?

grumpysquash3 Thu 13-Apr-17 22:12:41

You seem to have a very fixed idea of timescales of jobs and how long it takes to get promoted etc. I'm not sure they are necessarily accurate (e.g. if you did a job for 3 years, how sure can you be that there would be a promotion opportunity at the end of it?)
If you want progression, take it when it comes and roll with it.
If you want certainty, stick with what you know and don't regret what could have been.

redexpat Fri 14-Apr-17 08:10:01

Agree with the pp about your having rigid timescales.

You wanted career development. It is being offered to you. Take it!

EBearhug Sat 15-Apr-17 12:40:09

Take it! It might be a different experience from what you expect, and you might meet a different mix of people, so can expand your network, and the more people who know of you and your work, the more opportunities like this that you'll get in the future.

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