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Potential disciplinary - wtf?!

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helpneededormaybegin Wed 05-Apr-17 13:17:17


I'll keep this as brief as possible but any advice welcome.

Work for fairly big U.K. company. Love current job and business unit. Previous business unit was challenging and had a severe lack of support.

At least 3 years ago I completed some cash related paperwork. Left business unit in mid 2015. Cash paperwork was - to best of my knowledge - in the absolute correct place it should have been.

Fast forward to now, I'm being investigated as the paperwork has gone missing. The amount is insignificant and there is absolutely no way of wine knowing where the paperwork is - I just know it was there at the point I completed it and now it isn't. Place paperwork should have been is entered at least 3 times per day by different personnel. I left nearly 2 years ago and haven't been back to the business unit. I have been interviewed and investigated for breach of conduct and this could result in contract closure. I've worked for this company for over 15 years and my record is unblemished. Other people at a higher level than me are now being interviewed about this.

Can I really be held to account for something going missing potentially 2 years ago when I've had no access to the paperwork itself?

Current bosses are aghast at this and fully supportive of me, and my integrity. I've spoken to HR (equivalent) has said it's woolly but if I'm going at fault - I.e if there's a belief I didn't do the paperwork in the first place the this could actually stick.

I am so, so stressed and this has started to affect my health. I am a manager and I have completed these type of investigations myself but I'm really struggling here.

Any employment law advice really welcomed. Can't give anymore information out other than to say I am 100% certain I did this paperwork to the procedure as it existed at the time and have absolutely no way of knowing where it's gone and why it's not there anymore. No formal retention period for this paperwork however as it was 3 years ago when it was completed there's every chance someone threw it away thinking it was out dated. No formal sanction or closure applied yet but is possible. ACAS? CAB? Ride it out and hope for best?


flowery Wed 05-Apr-17 14:08:47

Although they don't need absolute proof of some kind of misconduct to dismiss you or give you a warning, they need reasonable belief, and this far down the line with that many people having had access, it wouldn't be reasonable to sanction you - doesn't sound like they have any actual evidence that you did something wrong other than paperwork is no longer where it should be.

It's good that your current bosses are supportive. Can one of them come with you to the disciplinary hearing? You're allowed to bring a colleague.

helpneededormaybegin Wed 05-Apr-17 17:42:42

Thank you. I have got several senior managers willing to accompany me, I am just struggling to deal with this. Gin is probably needed in large volumes.

daisychain01 Wed 05-Apr-17 17:54:46

Have they sent you any formalised written documentation stating

- exactly what their allegation relates to, including date of the missing record, monetary value of the record/transaction etc

- specifics of how and when they discovered the record was missing

- what leads them to conclude that you are personally implicated. If there are multiple other people responsible, they need to be crystal clear so you aren't made a scapegoat.

I'd ask them to provide this in advance of any further meeting. Hold them to account and give a clear message you won't accept a fob off or obfuscation. They need to be transparent.

daisychain01 Wed 05-Apr-17 17:57:07

gin + 🍋 here you go, stay strong!

Really pleased you have some 'heavies' to support you.

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