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Overzealous team leader followed me

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Littlemissanxietyandocd Tue 04-Apr-17 15:32:12

I work in a sales team have been here for over 3 years never had a problem my manager aways praises me that he knows he can trust me and knows I get on with my work without any problems. My manager was out the office today and our team leader was in charge. The team leader is someone who had been promoted from within and is very good at his job but seems to lack interpersonal skills. Today I went to get stationary asked I had no paper left I asked if anyone including him if they needed anything to which every answered no so I went up do our admin office was asking our admin ladies for the key when said team leader appeared saying oh I forgot I nended a pen despite the face he was writing when I left. I feel really uneasy and as if he was following me the admin ladies also commented on it and even said he basically followed me. Others in our team habe also said they feel like he has followed them. What do I do should I speak to him and say how I feel or do I go straight to my manager

BigGrannyPants Tue 04-Apr-17 16:30:16

I think if he has just followed you tot he stationary cupboard once you should note it, if it happens again maybe just ask him if there's anything you can help him with, if it happens a third time, speak to your manager.

Maybe his lack of interpersonal skills is the reason, he is perhaps trying to start a conversation with you and finds it hard in a large group so prefers 121...

I don't think you should assume he's stalking you

Littlemissanxietyandocd Tue 04-Apr-17 17:21:16

He doesn't have a problem with talking to people his interpersonal skills are more the manor he speaks to us he has a very abrupt and belittling tone constantly it's not the first time he has followed someone! I just want to know where he thought I was going! If I need to use my phone or want a fag I ask so no one has reason to think I'd be lying

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