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Performance Based Bonus - Off on maternity

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Steph1078 Sat 25-Mar-17 17:22:12

Hoping somebody's got some wisdom for me.
I work for a large company, they pay performance based bonus based on pay negotiations with the work force.
When I went off on maternity leave it was clear to me that my bonus would be pro rated for the time I was at work.
Before I left I didn't have a performance review as it wasn't due for 3 months and neither me or my manager brought it up. I thought I'd done a good job and achieved a high rating - as I have done in previous years.
When off I had barely any contact with them but letters came through the post telling me my bonus and pay rise %. Lower than normal but I assumed it was due to my maternity leave - no issue.
I've gone back to work and found my previous performance review... which is much lower than I was expecting so actually my bonus &I pay rise has been deducted twice in effect; once for the 2 months of work I missed during the review period (maternity leave based) which I have no issue with but also then again based on my performance review.

Now we aren't talking massive money amounts; it works out approx £500.

However I feel they've only marked my performance lower because I wasn't there to defend myself. Nobody once discussed my performance being lower than was expected with me whilst I was at work and then when reviews rolled around when I was off they've made this decision and never actually discussed it with me...

I feel completely discriminated against and actually really upset that they've done this to me - if my performance was poor and they'd tried to tackle it I could understand but I don't.

This was way back last year but I've only just discovered this has happened so I'm now longer protected because of the time that has elapsed between the actual act and when I've raised it.

When discussed with my manager he pretty much brushed it off.

But it's performance review time again !! I've barely put my feet back in the door so it's about to happen again!

Is it worth raising it formally for £500 quid ? Has anybody been through these issues and can give me some advice ?

Thank you

grumpysquash3 Sat 25-Mar-17 18:04:19

Were you expecting an 'excellent' rating but got a 'good'?
Where I used to work, you could only get a 'good' if you were on maternity leave, it was a standard thing, mostly because the employee wasn't actually there doing work to be evaluated (but neither should they miss out on a bonus).

Steph1078 Sat 25-Mar-17 18:40:14

Yes that's about the size of it. But when I questioned with HR they didn't tell me I could only achieve a 'good' rating & in fact said it's management discretion they could award me 'outstanding' for only 1 months contribution this year if they felt that way.. and a 'good' rating doesn't get me my full rise which isn't right considering so doesn't justify it. Nor does the 4 measly lines on my performance report (including 2 stating - professionally handed over !) justify 9 months of work I previously put in ! sad
I mean in the grand scheme of things it's not a massive amount of money it's just the principle.... if I put up and shut up they're gonna carry on doing it to other people just because they can.
Union have told me to put in the grievance but I don't think I can take the stress of standing up to them... or the awful animosity it's going to cause after I do it - I'll never get my full rise again...

daisychain01 Sat 25-Mar-17 19:15:41

Bonuses can, ironically, be demotivating if you work your socks off and then don't get the rating you feel you deserve.

Do you have an Appeals process in your company? We had one implemented 2 years ago, which was intended to be an alternative to a Grievance and focuses solely on reassessing the Performance rating.

If you have one, its the best way of registering that you feel the rating you were given last year was unfair and that you were unable to appeal due to the timing of your Mat leave. In fact, they could take it all the more seriously so they don't get accused of discrimination while you were on Mat leave, and would give you more in your Bonus this year to compensate.

Strike while the iron's hot, you may find you become their example of how fair the Appeals process is smile.

daisychain01 Sat 25-Mar-17 19:18:02

That's if you have an Appeal process for Performance ratings of course.

Otherwise you could do a Grievance but make sure it's specifically limited to your rating.

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