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Probation period advice please?

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Chottie Fri 17-Mar-17 19:37:41

I have friend who is nearing the end of her probation and has just found out she is pregnant. Should she tell her employer now or wait until her probation period has finished?

Thanks flowers

Chottie Sat 18-Mar-17 02:17:51

anyone? Thx

INeedNewShoes Sat 18-Mar-17 02:34:05

OP, I would try posting again in the morning and putting more detail in the title (something like 'employment advice: on probation period and just found out I'm pregnant). Hope you get some answers.

Not something I know about I'm afraid!

SarahOoo Sat 18-Mar-17 02:49:58

While it's nice to think that her employer would be fine about it, the safer thing to do is wait till she has passed it....add on a few weeks and then tell them. I say this as a HR person who works with various employers and I've seen my fair share of those who would want to get rid....however on the plus I've seen many who really wouldn't mind at all (as it should be!).

soupmaker Sat 18-Mar-17 02:55:30

Your friend does not need to tell their employer until 15 weeks before the week her baby is due. Check out Maternity Action's website for advice and information.

flowery Sat 18-Mar-17 05:38:47

It would be unusual for someone to tell their employer straightaway anyway- normally people wait until after 12 weeks at least.

"the safer thing to do is wait till she has passed it"

You're not actually any safer after passing probation than before- it's completing two years' service that makes you safer.

However in this instance I would agree. An employer can easily dismiss you after passing probation for any reason or no reason, but not because of a pregnancy.

In practice this means if an employee is pregnant and the employer wants to dismiss them but doesn't want to get into hot water, they'd have to come up with a pretty substantial and credible other reason why they are dismissing her so they can demonstrate that the pregnancy had nothing to do with it.

If your friend passes probation and no performance concerns are raised, her employer would find it much more difficult to come up with a non pregnancy-related reason to get rid of her.

Chottie Sat 18-Mar-17 18:35:42

Thanks everyone flowers

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