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Paternity leave

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Bugging2017 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:20:02

Hi we gave just had are forth child a little girl after having three boys. My husband started a new job 4 weeks before I had her.
He told them that I was pregnant and he wanted 2 weeks paternity leave. We knew it would be unpaid. Well his wage slip came at the end of the month and they had paid him his full amount now he has only 10 days hoilday left to last a year. Were dies he stand on this subject.

PotteringAlong Thu 16-Mar-17 17:22:01

As he only started 4 weeks before he was not entitled to any paternity leave therefore I assume any time off would have had to come out of annual leave. They should have made that clear bough.

dementedpixie Thu 16-Mar-17 17:23:09

Can he take 2 weeks unpaid leave at a later date?

CotswoldStrife Thu 16-Mar-17 17:33:43

Congratulations on the new arrival!

As pixie suggested, can he take unpaid holidays at a later date? Pottering is right in that he was not eligible for paternity leave having only worked there for four weeks, unfortunately.

Bugging2017 Thu 16-Mar-17 18:02:31

He's having words with the boss tomorrow.
The only problem is he is easy going and if they upset him he will just walk. Also if they made it clear he would have to use his hoilday he would of stayed with his old employer and took paternity there and then moved employers.

LIZS Thu 16-Mar-17 18:07:29

If he walks he'd owe them holiday. If he is that laid back are you sure he actually clarified it beforehand.

unfortunateevents Thu 16-Mar-17 18:09:22

He is not easy going if you think he is capable of walking out of a new job over this!

GahBuggerit Thu 16-Mar-17 18:10:54

he just needs to ask for clarification and take it ftom there. calmly

Bugging2017 Thu 16-Mar-17 18:11:55

Yes he's pretty good with that sort of things.
He had a trouble upbringing and he finds it hard with authority.

GahBuggerit Thu 16-Mar-17 18:15:17

it could be a genuine error.

Emphasise Thu 16-Mar-17 18:18:05

Has anyone told him he's used holiday or have you just assumed that because he's been paid?

Seems to me either his company have decided to pay him or he'll get a deduction next month. At our place deductions are usually a month in arrears to allow time for payroll processing.

Have to wonder a man who would leave a job over a payroll query is doing becoming a father though.

NerrSnerr Thu 16-Mar-17 18:20:30

He needs to clarify, it could be a mistake, it could be that they haven't given him paternity leave or it could be the unlikely scenario that he's had paid paternity leave.

If he walks out of his job just after the birth of his baby over this I would argue that he isn't easy going!!!

CotswoldStrife Thu 16-Mar-17 18:43:34

He'd walk out and have to pay them back the 10 days holiday pay hmm

It's not really up to the new place to tell him about paternity leave regs, he could have easily checked that himself. I would recommend that he checks with them first what has actually happened and certainly doesn't walk out of a new job! Does he have a payslip that says holiday pay?

Bugging2017 Thu 16-Mar-17 18:44:45

I've been with him now 20 years he's a very hard worker he has provided for me and the kids. The kids love him you can not fault him in that way he does not drink or smoke
He lives for his family. He's just a bit peeved that he gave up a well paid job on the understanding that they will let him have unpaid leave after the baby was born.
He swapped jobs because he was on the understanding this firm is family friendly.

Bugging2017 Thu 16-Mar-17 18:51:17

It's definitely holiday pay he has checked it out.

flowery Thu 16-Mar-17 22:01:20

It sounds most likely to be a misunderstanding. Did he have written confirmation that he could take the two weeks and that it would be unpaid leave?

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