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Career advice from anyone re Homeless/housing Support

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GloriousTeaParty Wed 15-Mar-17 20:04:51

Can someone who works with the homeless give me some honest advice about what's involved and what qualities would make a good support worker? My current admin job is down the road and works well around school hours but is just about making money with no real job satisfaction. My plan is to drop a day and use that to volunteer somewhere so I can gain experience with a view to changing career when DCs are older and to try to find out if I'd be any good at that kind of job. I want to work with the homeless/people in supported housing. I've done some research and studying a little via online resources but have no practical experience. I've good admin skills, experience helping people with forms and understanding procedures and tend to get sent to deal with stressed clients as I'm patient so in some ways I think I have stuff to offer but I'm not a bubbly loud or outgoing person so I don't know if I'd be good at forming relationships with people so they'd want me to help and it's one thing dealing with stressed people in an office environment but I don't know if I'd be any good in other circumstances. Can anyone has experience of homeless support give me a honest insight into what kind of person would be suitable for that career and what the pros and cons are from actual experience?

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