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Can I apply again?

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gossipgirlxo Tue 14-Mar-17 16:46:28

My dream job has again come up as hiring ive already applied three times before and been un lucky due to not enough experience!

However I have now got some experience and want to apply again! would they just laugh at me?

It's my dream job and I really want it!!

Heratnumber7 Tue 14-Mar-17 16:48:53

Go for it. Stress the extra experience though.
Might be different hiring manager who knows nothing of previous attempts.

flowery Tue 14-Mar-17 18:55:08

If the reason you didn't get the job before is no longer a problem, apply again. Did you think you'd gained enough experience the second and third time you applied though? What's different now?

daisychain01 Wed 15-Mar-17 03:03:53

Sometimes recruiting managers can be quite fixed about wanting experience instead of looking at potential. You sound like you're really committed to making it happen this time.

Do you think the "experience gap" you may still have is something you could enhance in-role with additional formal/ informal training? If so, go ahead and apply, highlight the experience you have, then if you get the role make sure you work with your manager to gain even more exposure to that element.

I wonder why they still haven't recruited someone?.....

cheeseandcrackers Wed 15-Mar-17 03:09:58

Absolutely, you've got nothing to lose, why wouldn't you?

Good luck!

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