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The perks of being the bosses friend!

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Lifeisabloodysoap Mon 13-Mar-17 21:09:39

So on Sat I had an issue in work basically a colleague and boss were telling me to work in a department I'm not legally aloud to work in. So I emailed my external boss and asked them and he replied under no circumstances do I work in that department as it's against my work policy. So when I told the colleague she started screaming at me about how I'm vile disgusting not part of the team etc etc

So today I went to my boss about this and she said she would call mediation. The first incident there was another colleague in the room and then the 2nd time there was another colleague who is in the group of friends. She spoke to the friend who called me a liar laughed when infront of someone else the person said she's Lucky I didn't smack her! Tonight she came into work and at any given moment would make comments to me or laugh to other colleagues on how she made me cry! I'm so angry because the 1 person who is supposed to treat this properly is laughing in the smoking area about it!

RubySparks Mon 13-Mar-17 21:11:00

Record her

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