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STILL haven't heard from company dd interviewed with - WWYD?

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sweetheart Thu 09-Mar-17 15:07:37

My dd went for an interview for an apprenticeship 3 weeks ago for a company with a big head office - she interviewed at our local branch.

The day after the interview head office emailed her to say that she had interviewed really well and the next step in her application was some online assessments (which we told them we had to delay completing because we were then on holiday for a week over half term).

Dd completed these assessments a week ago and since she submitted them we have heard nothing from the company.

She has emailed to say she has completed them and is there anything else they need from her in terms of completing her application but no one has replied.

She really wants this position. Do you think it's worth chasing them up again? If I was an adult applying for a position I wouldn't personally keep chasing but I'm not sure if it's different being that she's a teenager applying for an apprenticeship.

blueskyinmarch Thu 09-Mar-17 15:11:03

If she only submitted the assessments a week ago and has already done a follow up e mail I would leave it now. Maybe follow up if she hasn't heard anything in a couple of weeks. It takes time to go through assessments and the people in charge of the hiring process probably need to get together to discuss all the applications.

Unihorn Fri 10-Mar-17 17:06:49

Lots of apprenticeships seem to start recruiting in February or March for September start dates so the applications are often prolonged. For example, the Civil Service leave 8-10 weeks between stages. Have you tried Googling to find out more information about this company's process?

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