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What can DH do? They are not paying him!!!

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midnightlurker Wed 08-Mar-17 13:38:16

Big national company. Started there a month ago, supposed to be paid weekly, no pay yet.... Local branch is lovely, he likes the job. We cannot carry on with no pay though. HR have been contacted (and say they contacted Payroll), manager has contacted Payroll... no joy. What now??

flowery Wed 08-Mar-17 14:10:51

What did payroll actually say to HR/line manager in terms of what the problem is?

alreadytaken Wed 08-Mar-17 15:07:25

ask for an emergency advance or an overdraft from the bank and then ask the company to pay overdraft costs.

PoisonousSmurf Wed 08-Mar-17 15:11:37

They need to do an emergency advance as 'alreadytaken' said.

ImNotWhoYouThinkIAmOhNo Wed 08-Mar-17 20:45:05

Can't he speak to Payroll directly?

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