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Help! Maternity cover vacancy but TTC

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ButterflyBird Wed 08-Mar-17 11:12:57

Hi All,

So I've been wanting to leave my current job for quite some time and this morning I've found a vacancy for my dream job, it's maternity cover with a possibility of becoming a permanent position.

However DH and I are TTC and I'm not sure how it would work around being in a maternity cover role should I fall pregnant.

My question is - if I were to get the job but fall pregnant a few weeks/months later would I be entitled to maternity pay?

I know the safe thing to do would be to just stay in my current job until I do fall pregnant but we are having difficulty TTC and it could potentially be due to the stress of my current role hence why I want to leave.

Between a rock and a hard place - some advice would be really appreciated smile

flowery Wed 08-Mar-17 11:29:44

The fact that it's a maternity cover role doesn't affect your rights.

If you meet the criteria for SMP (ie earning £112 on average a week and working continuously for the employer for 26 weeks by the 15th week before due date), then you get that even if your employment ends, unless and until you start work somewhere else.

In terms of it becoming permanent if the maternity leaver you're covering doesn't return, they couldn't not offer you the permanent role just because you are pregnant (if you are by that point).

Obviously depending how soon you get pregnant, and how long it is before the other employee either comes back or confirms she won't be coming back, there is a possibility you may take on a contract you are not actually able to fulfil, which some people would think there is a 'moral' problem with, but as you have no idea how long it might take you to TTC I would never suggest putting your worklife on hold.

ButterflyBird Thu 09-Mar-17 12:52:03

Thank you flowery smile

Going to apply and see what happens!

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