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Redundancy pay help

(2 Posts)
mammasmadhouse Thu 02-Mar-17 16:10:58

Can anyone confirm how much statutory redundancy pay my OH should have received, he has worked for his company for 11 years and is 48 and is paid £350.00 pw. His employer have paid him £4347.10 but on the direct gov website it states £5075. He has been told that pay is capped at £479.00 so where he should get 1.5 weeks pay for every year worked at 41+ it will be capped at the £479, but that isn't how the direct gov website have worked it out, he also hasn't been paid the holidays he has outstanding. So any help with this would be vastly appreciated.

SarahOoo Sat 04-Mar-17 08:31:32

It's based on his age and length of service (full years) and the max cap is correct at £479 per week. However he received £350 per week so it will be based on this (11 years service at 48 years old = 14.5 weeks). This means that it should be £5075 from my own calculation (same as you above) so your partner will need to contact them to explain they have calculated this incorrectly and also remind them of the outstanding holiday pay.

What was his actual start date?

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