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NHS housekeeper interview

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samjane27 Mon 27-Feb-17 23:01:51

Hi I have an interview on Friday for a nhs ward housekeeper could anyone please give me any clues as to what I'll be asked in the interview.
It's over 20 years since my last job interview and I'm so nervous as I've never worked in the NHS before so don't have a clue what to expect.
Any advice would be very much appreciated thanks

Northernlurker Mon 27-Feb-17 23:07:02

Patient confidentiality is important in every role. Ward housekeeper works to keep the environment up to scratch, support the nursing team, communicate with a range of people including very unwell people and frightened and/or angry relations.

samjane27 Mon 27-Feb-17 23:10:21

Thanks I will make notes of your advice thanks for replying

Northernlurker Mon 27-Feb-17 23:24:00

Also make sure you've read up about the hospital. I am an NHS manager and I always ask what people know about the hospital or department.

OkyDoke Mon 27-Feb-17 23:32:10

It might be useful to think about infection control as you will likely encounter infections such as MRSA and C Diff etc. Good luck!

samjane27 Mon 27-Feb-17 23:57:44

Thanks again for your help in really would love this job so I'm trying to prepare as much as possible for my interview

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