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Feeling singled out

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Kateshereyay Mon 27-Feb-17 17:28:05

I work in a very small business, still owned and run by the original owner who's now in his 70's, it's now managed by his daughter with great involvement from him. Both have always been stress-y, I think personally due to an inability to delagate tasks. Recently though this has multiplied massively, always moaning about time it takes to get things done, but never asking for help. It also really feels as if I'm being singled out. For example today I answered the phone and my boss who was on the other end mimicked my voice and told me to speak properly. It's the same way I've answered the phone for 5 years...these sort of things paired with not being said hello to when he visits and absolutely no mention of my pregnancy (now 22 weeks in and he hasn't said a single word about it) is making me feel very nervous. I don't know if I'm being over sensitive though. Being pregnant has made me feel as if I'm now looked at like a woman with baggage who will never put work first again and will always need working around in some way and just be a pain. (His daughter who manages now has no kids or partner and works crazy hours for the place so no understanding there!) Anyone else felt like this?

daisychain01 Mon 27-Feb-17 18:28:27

I'm sorry to say my experience of small privately owned companies is not particularly positive.

If you are lucky, you are treated well and a valued member of staff who is given a lot of autonomy with minimal processes to jump through. However, the downside is that family owned businesses are a law unto themselves and often those in authority behave in ways that just about stay on the right side of employment law. Abuse of power is left unchecked. They are only accountable to themselves.

What you describe is bullying (humiliation, intimidation, singling you out). Do you have any opportunity to discuss your concerns with whoever you report to. Hopefully there is an impartial route, otherwise all the family members will stick to each other like glue.

Raising a grievance in such a small company is not advisable, but there should be the possibility of trying to improve the situation.

Not trying to be deliterately negative but rather to say, you aren't alone in the struggle you are having. It isn't you! Tact and diplomacy is called for.

Could you ask for any training to address areas for improvement (that may be a more positive slant on " you bullying arse, I can't help how I answer the phone !" grin

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