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Underpayment and payslip advice

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hmmwhatatodo Fri 24-Feb-17 19:18:28


I've been underpaid by a few hundred pounds due to an error made by whoever deals with that side of things. Payslip shows that they have deducted the money.

Will they make me out a new payslip with the corrections or will I have to wait until next months payslip until they recalculate it? I am confident that they will get the missing money to me next week but I worry that I will keep this payslip and then have a payslip next month that shows the missing amount there (I mean they will just add it on to the payslip for march). I worry because I need my payslips for Housing benefit and this low payment will cause me a headache for my housing benefit payments and I will of course end up having to pay them money back. I would ideally just like a replacement payslip for feb showing correct amounts. Is this possible?

Sorry for not explaining it well! Thanks for any help.

ChessieFL Fri 24-Feb-17 19:55:47

They can only supply payslips showing what's actually happened. They can't falsify your Feb payslip to show what should have happened. So you will get an extra payslip when they pay you the extra amount, or some sort of receipt which they will then tie up in March payslip. Sorry, not what you want to hear.

hmmwhatatodo Fri 24-Feb-17 20:03:34

Thank you, I'm not asking them to falsify anything. Just pay the money in and then reissue an updated payslip showing the full amount paid for this month. I just dont want to wait until the end of march for the amounts to show. What a farce!

rosie1959 Fri 24-Feb-17 20:12:38

Payments are now recorded to HMRC as soon as payroll is run Your payroll dept should be able to do a RTI rollback to adjust your payment to the correct amount

hmmwhatatodo Fri 24-Feb-17 20:47:47

Thank you for that Rosie. I have no idea what an RTI rollback is but will it mean they can reissue my feb payslip with the correct amount?

AlexanderHamilton Fri 24-Feb-17 20:53:45

It partly drpends on what software they are using & how competent the person using it is.

Doing a rollback on Sage is a pain after updating the system but to do it after a Full Payment Submission is an absolute nightmare.

If it was my firm we would authorise an emergency interim payment & itemise it on your next months payslip.

rosie1959 Fri 24-Feb-17 21:19:06

I have only done it on Sage and it was quite straightforward but was on a small payroll

hmmwhatatodo Fri 24-Feb-17 21:24:02

Thanks both of you. I have no idea what system it is but it is a large payroll so i suspect it will be an interim payment with it itemised on the next payslip unfortunately. Sigh.

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