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Confused as all hell

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ChefMumToBe Wed 22-Feb-17 05:20:28

I'm completely new to Mumsnet. I'm approx 11 weeks pregnant although may be slightly less, scan later today to figure that all out.
I started my job 2months ago, as head cook in a small private care home. Great job for me. Great hours 8-2 5days a week. I've had my 2 month review that and got a wonderful glowing report which I've had in writing too. I've got another month left of my 3 month probation at the job but think I'm starting to show or will be by 3.5months maybe as I can't just get to end of probation and spring it on him as that'll look rubbish too. Can he fire me between now and 3month probation? I don't think I've been there long enough to get maternity from him so that's not an issue for him. He's famously unhelpful/empathetic to all the women he has working for him re; pregnancy etc.

HopefullyDothButterNoParsnips Wed 22-Feb-17 05:32:29

He can't fire you because of the pregnancy as that's unlawful and it doesn't how long you have been there. But they can find any other reason to let you go during probation and use that as justification. You would need to show that you were dismissed because of the pregnancy.

daisychain01 Wed 22-Feb-17 06:36:37

If you have received a glowing 2 month review in writing, keep on doing more of the same and wait to get your 3 month probation successfully completed.

The fact is you are pregnant so you are going to have to let your manager know. I can see your dilemma, but once you've passed your probationary period, the important thing is not to worry about their reaction, nor the date when you do it, but rather do it at the time you feel is right for you.

There is some good info here on the practicalities of announcing your pregnancy. Interestingly it specifically covers how to tell a manager who you think may not be wholly supportive.

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