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How do you get a permanent job after lots of contracts?

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yorkshirepuddingandroastbeef Fri 17-Feb-17 11:37:54

Just that really!

I never seem to get beyond interview stage for permanent jobs so end up taking another contract which invariably never goes permanent! It's a vicious circle.

Hellmouth Fri 17-Feb-17 11:41:29

I think you need to really prove that you're looking for long term work and that you want to stay in that company. I always ask about the company's plans for next 5 years, and I always mention that I am looking to develop my career within the next company I join. I've not had contract work before, but I did have a year when I had 3 different jobs!

yorkshirepuddingandroastbeef Fri 17-Feb-17 11:56:51

Thanks Hellmouth

I have done the job a long time (PA) and I've pretty much been at the top of the tree for a while. I would love to develop a career with a company long term but you get to a certain level and it becomes dead end. Companies aren't interested in developing PA/admin staff. I've applied for other roles (taking a step sideways and down) and have even less success.

I feel a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place.

daisychain01 Fri 17-Feb-17 21:02:39

Hi Yorkshire, have you thought about diversifying your skills? PA/admin work is evolving nowadays, because managers often do a lot of tasks for themselves that they would have previously given to their admin/secretary. It tends to be mainly travel planning, diary and meeting management.

There is much more call for project coordinators who can use all the skills that make them great PAs (organisation, progress chasing, emailing, gathering information) and is a step towards being a Project Manager.

daisychain01 Fri 17-Feb-17 21:06:07

Sorry I wasn't clear - It tends to be mainly travel planning, diary and meeting management. is mainly what I notice our admins are doing nowadays

yorkshirepuddingandroastbeef Fri 17-Feb-17 21:46:02

Thanks daisy

You're right. It's the travel planning, diary and meeting management that gets me down. It's obviously part of the job but when that's pretty much all you do it's as dull as dishwater. I've been doing that since day one. It's a bit like getting a Finance Manager to raise invoices all day.

I was thinking of going in the project direction and did see a local Project Co-ordinator job.

Polarbearflavour Sat 18-Feb-17 19:40:22

Project co-ordinating is the next step I think.

The Civil Service could be another option - moving over to project management / business management / finance / HR etc

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