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New job- pregnant

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user1470244422 Thu 16-Feb-17 08:22:44

Just got offered a new job
I currently only work 15 hours and I can't live off that
This new job is 40 hours
I am 13+4 weeks pregnant
When should I tell my new job about the baby? I'm scared they might fire me 😳

ImYourMama Thu 16-Feb-17 08:24:19

You have to tell them by 25 weeks, I was in a new job for 2 weeks before telling them I was 8 weeks pregnant. They didn't take it well. But I would be honest and upfront with them - legally they shouldn't fire you

alltouchedout Thu 16-Feb-17 10:19:32

I'd been in my last job only a few weeks when I unexpectedly became pregnant with ds3. I knew it would be very poorly received and that they would try to get rid of me (they've done it before, will do it again). I decided not to tell them until I had a good few positive reviews recorded and had collected strong positive feedback from the various teams I supported. That way, if I announced a pregnancy and suddenly they became very negative and said I was failing probation, i'd have grounds to question it.

I interviewed for and got another job some years before that when around 7 weeks pregnant with ds2. That was slightly different as it was internal promotion and everyone knew I'd been TTC for a year!

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