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How the hell am i supposed to do this? its impossible!!

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juicychops Wed 28-Feb-07 14:28:00

I had a benefits calculation interview today as i want to work 2-3 full days per week so my ds can go to nursery.

i have my eye on the nursery i want ds to go to which is really nice and its in the grounds of the shopping centre (bluewater) that i want to work.

I have to get an interview and job, hope that this nursery has spaces for my ds then get him into the nursery. Hope that i can get a job for the same days they have available for ds,pay for the nursery before i have even been paid, and hope that my ds is going to be ok in the nursery as he has never been to one before!

Its too much to do!

luciemule Wed 28-Feb-07 20:24:31

hi - here's a possible plan of action:
Take DS to nursery and ask to spend an hour or so there with him to see what it's like and if he seems to like it.
Then apply for job/jobs.
Once you get a job, book a place for DS.
Some employers will then pay you in advance half your salary which you could use to pay for the nursery (not sure about this if you're only working 2/3 days though but you could ask for the first month to help you out.
If there's a waiting list at nursery, could you find alternative care for DS but put his name on waiting list?
What a juggle! Hope it works out and you get the job you want.

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