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PIP appeal and work related stress

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BlackeyedPetitsPois Fri 10-Feb-17 10:40:09

Bit of advice needed if anyone can oblige please...
Employee is on a PIP (performance improvement plan) and has reached the 2nd stage after having 2 formal meetings. Final notice has been given (failure to improve could mean dismissal ). They are currently signed off work by Gp with work-related stress. They intended to appeal against the final notice and the deadline for submitting the appeal was yesterday. Employee asked for extension to deadline advising as off with work related stress they do not feel in correct frame of mind to appeal until GP deems fit for work. Employer has emailed employee to state they will allow the appeal and have asked for evidence. They have also said appeal meeting will be held next week (employee will still be signed off). Does the employee have to:
1) provide the evidence even after asking for extension, and
2) attend the meeting or can they ask for it to be postponed until fit for work?


daisychain01 Fri 10-Feb-17 19:28:11

1) if the employee has asked to appeal then yes, they do need to provide evidence to show the nature of their appeal and why they disagree with the decision made. The fact there is an extension due to their sickness doesn't change the need for evidence, although the timescale to deliver said evidence will depend on the employee's health circumstances. That would be subject to agreement between the employee and the manager or HR conducting the performance review.

2). The employee could still attend the rescheduled meeting next week, but surely that largely depends whether they feel well enough.

It's a massively stressful thing to go through, I hope the company is being kind to that poor employee sad

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