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Annual leave query

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toni74 Wed 08-Feb-17 19:05:04

Whose right here?

I and a colleague both work, one short day a-week (on the weekend). Our manager has suggested if we cant work our weekend-day, that we take it as annual leave and on our timesheet, summit it as 8 hours and not the 5 hours we work. We are paid by the hour.

We both actually thought, if we did this we would only submit 5 hours as annual leave on our timesheets, and carry the remaining 3 hours over for another occasion (i.e. Leave early or start late on another work day) As why would we want to be paid for annual leave, on our own time.

Can anyone confirm what's right here, our actual annual leave allowance is calculated in days (but a day is 8 hours work).

Historically it's never been an issue as we've always swapped with each other, but as it's been raised I just wanted to get some clarification!

I understand we aren't loosing any pay following our managers suggestion, but we both thought we were loosing time off, from work.

Many Thanks

kua Wed 08-Feb-17 19:08:46

You are correct, you submit the hours you normally work as annual leave or as you say you will lose out on annual leave.

toni74 Wed 08-Feb-17 19:10:11

Thank you. We thought our way was more appropriate!!!

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