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Calling in sick support

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lizzieoak Fri 03-Feb-17 14:28:10

So I've been in my new job a whole two months and I have just called in sick for the third time =:-0

First time I had a bad cold, second time I put my back out really badly, had to go to physio, & was pretty stoned on prescription painkillers, and now I've got flu. I haven't had a cold or flu in years!!

I went in the last two days, coughing my guts out, horrible chills, dizzy, nauseous. I've spent my breaks lying on the floor in the boardroom w my coat over me as I'm just freezing if I'm not in bed. I've barely been sleeping.

Thing is, we get x hours of sick time a month and I don't have enough to cover it. I am fine w taking it unpaid - and there is a provision for that - but my boss said (when I was dragging myself in when my back was still pretty bad - it took a week before I could sit w/o sliding my hands slowly down my thighs for example) "oh no, you must not exceed your banked sick time".

I'm hoping that I will never be sick again. But I woke up today drenched in sweat, boat totally plugged, very dizzy.

The work involves high levels of concentration and I know I'll make loads of mistakes on highly important stuff all day.

I called in sick at 5:00am to her voicemail. It was unavoidable, right? (Also I've felt quite guilty at spreading my flu around but after being told not to exceed the banked time I was trying to power through).

lizzieoak Fri 03-Feb-17 14:35:07

Woops, nose plugged, not boat. Also (weirdly) feet and hands hurt and if my eyes try to look to the side they ache. Flu is not good.

I would drag myself in (even though I'd potentially infect more people) as I was told to, but I worry about spending the whole day making errors.

My supervisor does seem to tend to say things then completely change her mind. But I know she was fairly annoyed about me being sick before (though since I've started she's had quite a lot of sick days herself).

When my back was hurt my physio provided a note.

Mehfruittea Fri 03-Feb-17 14:42:48

Did you speak to your boss? I would view a 5am call as an attempt to avoid speaking to me. Hopefully the very obvious symptoms each time will convince her you are not taking the piss, but do t be surprised if you go through the motions of a disciplinary hearing. That's what I would do.

Floralnomad Fri 03-Feb-17 14:50:21

Are you on a probationary period because if you are I'd start looking for a new job , if you feel too unwell to go to work then obviously there is nothing you can do about it but I think any company would be looking at starting some kind of action with OH . Have you spoken to your manager during the day today , if not , I think you should . Btw ,hope you feel better soon .

lizzieoak Fri 03-Feb-17 14:59:56

She's often away from her desk, sometimes half the day, so hopefully she won't take it as me trying to avoid her. I just wanted to get it over with.

She knew I was sick yesterday as I was coughing my guts up while talking to her & I told her I had chills, showed her the goosebumps on my arm, had a friendly chat about the word for goosebumps in her language.

I don't think there's a probationary period? They're weak about communicating things like that. It's only a 6 month contract, so I may not get renewed as while I feel that I'm working flat out & doing a good job, this run of sickness looks bad.

It's frustrating as it's not like I'm bunking off & enjoying it. I feel awful. Had to get up to feed the cats and a few minutes out from under the covers has brought the chills back. Can't stop sneezing.

The big boss above my supervisor has just had 6 days off sick. So it's not like no-one takes sick time, just that I'm new so they don't trust me I guess. It's certainly clear with my back & this flu that it's not faking. The first bad cold I took Friday off and stayed in bed and came back on Monday a lot better. So hard to know what they thought about that. If I'd known if he sick again so soon I would powered through (though I still think it's daft to infect everyone & be muzzy-headed and make errors).

lizzieoak Fri 03-Feb-17 15:07:35

I've given my son flu so he's in bed and taking the day off school.

I'm feeling fairly fatalistic about this - if they don't renew me because of it I'll know I was doing my best. I did go in for 2 days when I should have been in bed, so my conscience is clear.

They keep stats on our errors, so not only don't I want to mess up the work, I also feel a bit damned either way. If I don't go in the supervisor disapproves, if I do go in I will make errors and get reprimanded.

Floralnomad Fri 03-Feb-17 15:32:45

Unfortunately the fact that it was a Friday before as well makes it look worse , looks like you like having a long weekend .

lizzieoak Fri 03-Feb-17 16:03:19

True enough! I think it was fairly obvious I was actually sick the last couple of days, though, as I was sneezing and had a rattly cough that turned into a dry cough.

I have a delusion that the union will have my back, though so far in my experience they are fairly weak in practice.

Just so wish this hadn't happened! I'm working so hard, get home exhausted every day. But as I stagger around the house (when I have to get out of bed) it really feels unavoidable.

I hope I haven't infected too many coworkers! Though I think my boss may have have given me the flu.

lizzieoak Fri 03-Feb-17 16:04:44

Not that I've talked to a union rep at this job!! I meant weak from years and years ago, in a similar union. And more from what I saw w others trying to get their steward's support.

Mehfruittea Fri 03-Feb-17 22:40:55

Hi Lizzie you mention your first sickness absence was on a Friday and you returned on the following Monday. And this absence has also been a Friday.

As a manager I find it useful to work on the assumption that every sickness absence is genuine, that no one is lying or taking the piss. It helps me to make decisions that are based on facts and policy, without being clouded by what I think about it or feel about the person. For this reason, you should find out what the sickness policy is, as well as any impact to error rates.

For instance- it sounds as though you have a high absence rate and boarderline on acceptable quality when you are at work. This doesn't sound like a great combo tbh.

lizzieoak Fri 03-Feb-17 23:00:53

Oh no, I think my error rate is fairly low. In my first couple of weeks the guy who trained me said I was "at the very, very top" of the people he'd trained. Which is a lot, dozens at least, as they take on a lot of students on a special hire scheme.

I just know how stupid this flu is making me, so figure that if I'd gone in today my errors would have gone way up. My supervisor can be fine, but once she gets an idea in her head she wants you to say "yes mam" & she's "easily confused" in the words of a couple of long-time staff.

It's coming on to dinner time here & I feel worse, if possible.

CherryBlini Fri 03-Feb-17 23:32:27

I'd assume no renewal of contract

High sick levels

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