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Anyone upped their hours recently - how have you found it?

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Moomin Mon 26-Feb-07 18:22:33

Dd2 is 17m old and I went back to work 2 days a week last June after havig work 3 days a week since having dd1 and it worked well although we are SKINT.

The intention was always to go up to 3 days a week from Sept but I've been really enjoying work recently and been taking on loads more. A managerial post has come up which has been advertised as f/t but I know I can do it p/t (it's a job I did before I had the dds and although it's a big job, it's changed a lot since I last did it and IMO it's not nearly so much hassle now - bloody hard work but less stress).

I can think of a counter to every argument the boss can throw at me about why I shouldn't do this job as a part-timer, but I've also a feeling that I'll stand much more of a chance of getting it if I can offer (if pushed) 4 days a week.

Am I kidding myself that I'll cope with a job like this and 2 kids (5 and 1)? I just feel very motivated about work and the job, something I haven't felt since having the dds. It's like I've finally got my mojo back!!

Kbear Mon 26-Feb-07 18:27:16

I think it's doable if you are as motivated as you sound. Get organised with meal planning, get your shopping delivered maybe, good childcare and you are all set! Good luck

Moomin Mon 26-Feb-07 18:32:20

It's soooo sad - I'm thinking if I did go up to 4 days we could afford a cleaner again!!!!!! Bliss - I'm such a slattern

But seriously, dd1 is ok cos she's at school but dd2 is so little still.... I have to say though, my childminder is FAB and both kids adore her so, as long as she could do the extra days with dd2, it would be ok as far as that's concerned. I'm just wondering what a shock to the system it will be after 5 years of taking it so easy with work..

fishie Mon 26-Feb-07 18:39:51

yes i've gone from 3 to 4 days in jan, although i'd been doing more 4 than 3 day weeks for a while. ds is 23m. its fine, i've got fab childminder too so that isn't a worry. i don't do much organised activity with ds now, just meet another mum pal on day off coupled with a lot of housework. i work 8-4 which gives me 3/4hour at home before ds gets back at 5.30 so i can get a bit of cooking done then. dp drops him off at 9am so it isn't too long a day.

luckily i work somewhere where long hours aren't expected, will that be ok for you?

Moomin Mon 26-Feb-07 22:43:53

Long hours? Sometimes but at least at work it will be limited, i.e. certain nights for meetings. Work to bring home will be significant. I'm thinking I'll just have to be uber-organised and set aside certain times on my days off when MIL or dh can have kids and leave me to work then be strict about having a cut-off so I can spend proper time with kids - and dh of course.

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