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ANY NHS nurses working solely on the bank?

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Arinjo Sun 29-Jan-17 08:13:03

Am an NHS nurse currently working part time. The area I am working in is very specific and am paid at Band 6 (junior), I now feel that I have pigeon holed myself and would be deskilling. Whilst the hours are good I am also not enjoying the job and this is leaving me feeling very stressed. I have been thinking of working solely on the bank at the hospital (there always seems to be shifts available) as this would fit in with childcare. However I am worried about holiday pay and sick pay should I ever need it. Can someone in this position please offer advice? Many thanks.

Arinjo Mon 30-Jan-17 14:52:42

Anyone please?

Babyroobs Wed 01-Feb-17 11:11:24

I don't work solely on the bank but I do know that bank nurses at my workplace get paid a set amount of sick and holiday pay added in with their wages each month. I think bank work is a great way of testing out different areas/ specialities and being flexible. I have just started a 3 day a week job elsewhere whilst keeping a 15 hour a week contract at my current job. I thought about just going on the bank at my current job but was worried that there might not be enough work as a t certain times of the year there is little work available. There is plenty of work in the school holidays when the regular staff want to take holidays, but there was none available over Christmas and new year weeks as regular staff are not allowed to take any time off. We are a small, specialised unit though and I imagine it could be very different in a big hospital. It may be better to join the bank at a couple of different places to increase your chances of getting enough work.

anyname123 Thu 02-Feb-17 22:44:40

On my trust holiday pay is built into the hourly pay rate for bank, so you'll need to put something aside to cover your own holiday. No sick pay unless work related injury

lougle Thu 02-Feb-17 23:08:22

You could move across to ITU. You might take a brief pay cut, but then even internal overtime will be paid at a premium - near agency rates - because there is such a shortage of ITU nurses.

IwillrunIwillfly Thu 02-Feb-17 23:17:46

In scotland you get annual leave on the bank. I cant remember how much but its slmething like an hour annual leave for every 10 hours worked. You dont get sick pay though.

mayhew Thu 02-Feb-17 23:25:11

I am a midwife working solely on the Bank. It works for me. However, because there is no sick or holiday pay, I am paid an enhanced band 6 (same as I had as a band 7) which compensates me to some extent.

This works for me because I am rarely sick and I like not having to negotiate my annual leave.
Another point to bear in mind is that mandatory clinical and h&s updates are usually in your own time so you lose those days pay as well.

Arinjo Sun 05-Feb-17 23:33:40

Thank you everyone, that is very comprehensive and has given me lots to think about.

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