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Employment solicitor needed asap

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PidgeyfinderGeneral Sat 28-Jan-17 19:24:57

A colleague and friend is being pushed out of his job. There's a lot more to the story but I'd rather he explain it to someone as he has an HR meeting on Tuesday. He is happy to pay but needs to be able to talk to someone before then on how to handle it.

Please can someone recommend a good employment solicitor who would be able to have a chat with my friend before Tuesday?

Thanks in advance.

porridgestirrer Sat 28-Jan-17 19:26:38

Gelbergs, Islington. Excellent.

Madlizzy Sat 28-Jan-17 19:32:43

ACAS are also a good source of advice, and free.

PidgeyfinderGeneral Sat 28-Jan-17 19:57:59

Ah, thank you!

daisychain01 Sat 28-Jan-17 22:55:34

Pidgey can your friend reschedule the meeting?

They have the right to seek advice.

porridgestirrer Sun 29-Jan-17 09:46:02

To be honest, Acas can be totally crap. You are better off paying for good legal advice. In my experience Acas help employers more despite being supposedly neutral.

daisychain01 Sun 29-Jan-17 10:41:02

ACAS are not meant to give advice either to employers or employees. That doesn't make them crap!

They give guidance/ pointers to uk employment law and write Codes of Good Practice that apply the law in practice in the workplace

They act as a conciliation service to encourage dialogue, but an employee should get their own union rep or colleague for support because ACAS can't do that, they stay out of disputes/ grievances.

OllyBJolly Mon 30-Jan-17 07:42:33

ACAS used to be an excellent source of neutral advice for both employees and employers. It was staffed by ex Union officials and HR professionals. It's now been "deskilled" and the helpline is now a call centre staffed with call handlers who read from a script. If you have any sort of query that differs from the usual then it's sheer luck whether you get a good answer.

If your friend has a complicated problem it would be well worthwhile consulting Chambers for the best employment lawyer in your area and making an appointment. It might cost £200 or so but it will be well worth it.

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