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Any proffessional caterers around or school/nursery cooks??

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Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 19:47:37

I need a bit of advise

Like how big does the kitchen have to be to cook for up to about 30 children/10 staff


Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 20:04:14


doormat Sun 25-Feb-07 20:05:10

I am a pt cook in a nursery
it is only a smallish kitchen


Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 20:06:31

Do you work in feet or meters?

doormat Sun 25-Feb-07 20:08:00

it is about 9ft by 12ft, could be smaller but havent measured it tbh

can u tell me now

Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 20:10:24

Cos I am doing the floorplan for my nursery and I need to know how big the kitchen should be

9 by 12 is about 2.75 by 3.6m

so would 13ft by 8ft 6 work to feed that many people?

doormat Sun 25-Feb-07 20:12:14

it is a bit tight but i manage it well
good luck
hope it all goes well

Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 20:14:03

Would you like to pick the equipment to have in the kitchen??

If you are prepared to do the research & get prices and everything I'll pay......[hopeful emoticon??]

doormat Sun 25-Feb-07 20:17:10

LOL are you offering me a job

seriously though just enough room for worktops, huge stand up fridge and freezer and shelves for storage
2 sinks
one for washing and then rinsing the dishes
and a big cooker

Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 20:18:47

No dishwasher??

I need three sinks (one for hand washing apparently)

doormat Sun 25-Feb-07 20:19:59

the only dish washer is me, oh yes we have a tiny sink for handwashing
soz forgot about that
hope it goes well

Katymac Sun 25-Feb-07 20:20:51

Thanks for your help

doormat Sun 25-Feb-07 20:21:40

anytime katymac

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