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Forensic psychology... anyone work in this field? need advice

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juicychops Fri 27-Jan-17 17:27:54

It was a dream of mine to work as a forensic psychologist in a prison and studying psychopathic behaviour. Being a single parent its been hard to get started but i did my Psychology degree through the OU but stopped at that as my son was too young at the time for me to go to Uni to do a Masters.

Anyway, its now been 4 years since i got my degree and i have done nothing with it. Ive been stuck working in finance as it was easiest to plug away at what i knew whilst my son was growing.

Anyway, im now getting on a bit (32) and my son is now 12. I need to consider working full time at the end of the year as i'll be in a position to do so with my son needing me less and less. But the thought of working full time in finance literally makes me cry!!

Firstly, i feel like i need reassurance that it's not too late to re-visit my old dream, and secondly, if i did decide to do the OU Masters in Forensic psychological studies will it actually open any doors in the area i want to work in, or am i deluding myself? I have read in all my research 4 years ago that it is actually really hard and long to get a job in Forensic psychology so how much closer will i be after another 2-3 years of studying?

If there is anyone else out there working in a similar field, can you please enlighten me with how you made it, what qualifications you got and experience you had to have before you could get your foot in the door.


ThenBellaDidSomethingVeryKind Fri 27-Jan-17 17:51:52

I'm in a related field: one option would be to look at facilitating accredited programmes in prisons. AFAIK you could do this with the qualification you already have. Many staff do their FP higher training alongside it.

juicychops Fri 27-Jan-17 18:10:16

Thanks ThenBella. I found a perfect job vacancy just so that i can see what kind of qualifications they are after. My BSc is accredited and ok (although i've never actually become a member of the BPS) but they also want an accredited MSc too or at least already be working towards it. The Open University MSc isn't accredited sad
Ive found a course at a London University that i could do part time, but it says you 'normally' have to have at least an upper second... i only got a lower second sad so i'd have to write a mega covering letter. But the course also provides 15 weeks job training which i suppose would be my work experience that would help.
I think it's a confidence thing. Having had no experience and been out of it for a while now too i'd be really scared applying for something completely different.

SharkBastard Fri 27-Jan-17 18:15:15

I'm applying for my MSc in Forensic Psychology to start part time in October. I was going to do OU but as you say, it needs to be accredited.

I was told that universities like mature students as we're more likely to stick it out and produce good degrees, so I would really focus on your personal statement.

I'll be doing it when my April due boy is 6 months and I have wobbled about it constantly! I'm focusing on my statement and hoping that puts me in a favourable position!

You can do it and it's never too late! I'm 36!

juicychops Fri 27-Jan-17 18:34:20

aww glad im not alone! SharkBastard which Uni are you going to? How many days do you have to be at uni/work placement? The course i want to do only says 2 days uni 2 days work placement for full time... nothing about part time so will need to contact them once im decided on whether im really considering this seriously or not!

What is your dream job at the end of it?

SharkBastard Fri 27-Jan-17 18:39:03

I'd be in uni 2 days a week but no details on work placement yet so not sure! I'd like to work in the prisons, and eventually gain enough experience to become an expert witness or continue my study with a PhD!

There are so many options which is great, also means I lord it over DH that I've a masters degree wink

I'll be attending university of Bedfordshire where I read for my degree 3 years ago! A

juicychops Fri 27-Jan-17 19:27:39

its so nice to hear from people who have similar interests and asperations to me. I wish you lots of luck with your course and baby. It definately would feel nice saying i have a masters. People always look down there noses at my psychology degree because psychology is supposedly piss easy (i don't remember it being easy!)

Maybe we will be working together one day smile

SharkBastard Fri 27-Jan-17 19:35:36

I wish you luck too, we can do it! Hard work but worth it in the end! We've lots to look forward too

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