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This is not the best way to manage someone is it...

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maggiethemagpie Thu 26-Jan-17 23:21:07

Boss sent me an email saying she was not happy with something I've done, based on feedback from someone else, without speaking to me first to find out my side of the story/if I've done what's been said/why I've done it.

At 5pm on the day before annual leave.

As it was, I hadn't done what had been reported to boss in the way it had been reported but had no chance to discuss it until a week later.

I asked boss if next time she was not happy with something I'd done, would there be the opportunity to discuss it first?

She said yes, then did a similar thing a few days later! Sent me an email telling me off for saying something to someone who I'd presumed already knew something, she'd given me the impression this person already knew about it and given no indication that it was supposed to be kept confidential. I had no issue discussing it and exploring why the misunderstanding had arisen but didn't appreciate just getting an email saying 'you've put me in a difficult position with X...'

If you want to address an issue with someone in your team because they've done something wrong, surely telling them by email without a conversation is not the best way?

Not sure if my boss is trying to avoid confrontation, or just trying to be a bitch on purpose?

We did eventually speak about it, she made up loads of excuses why she'd not been able to phone me the first time (which didn't wash) but there's no reason for her to have emailed the second time unless it was her way of saying 'fuck you'?

She's one of those people who absolutely cannot admit to ever being in the wrong.. not sure what the best strategy for dealing with this is?

I am more than happy to discuss and resolve issues, but not by fucking email!

NuffSaidSam Fri 27-Jan-17 15:52:41

Perhaps she's a phone phobic! There were lots on that thread the other day.

I think email actually works quite well for resolving issues at work because there is a written record of what was said by who and when. So she has a record of when she first approached you with the issue and then what your response was and how she dealt with that etc.

Dealing with it at 5pm on the day before annual leave is bad management though and that would have really annoyed me.

Unless you have really strong evidence I wouldn't assume that her preference for email is in anyway intended to be bitchy or a 'fuck you'. It's possible that she just has a different opinion to you re. how useful email is!

daisychain01 Fri 27-Jan-17 16:28:59

maggie if you get the sense this is getting to be a habit, please take time to keep a log of the circumstances, dates, people, what your Mgr is complaining about and why you know she is being unfair, judgemental or not giving you the benefit of the doubt or preventing the opportunity to discuss informally.

You may find having a record of everything will prove useful to you ....

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