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Qst re unfair dismissal claims and looking for another job

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rescuebun Thu 26-Jan-17 16:06:53

Hello, I realise a thread about a thread is not allowed but I don't want to crash someone else's thread and it seemed the best thing is to start my own with a question that's occurred to me.

I am also name changing as it is sensitive.

I've just seen it mentioned on another employment thread that looking for another job could mean one cannot bring a claim for unfair dismissal. I did not know this. Fritillary, could you clarify for me if you are reading, or anyone else who might know? Have I got it correctly?

I am asking because a while ago I won a tribunal case against my then employer. In the early stages of my bringing a grievance against them (before I lodged the tribunal) the employer employed a firm of investigators to look at my grievance - this was part of their normal practice when dealing with grievances. Just after this process had started I received a strange, unsolicited phone call at home (my phone was ex-directory) from a man who asked me strange questions, one of which was 'are you looking for another job?' This was very odd and I felt very suspicious about it at the time. When I told him I wasn't and that I had a job he quickly ended the call.

Having seen the comment about looking for another job precluding someone from bringing a claim of unfair dismissal I am now wondering whether this firm of investigators could have been trying to get this info out of me. The whole thing is really strange and made me feel quite stressed and ill at the time. The same firm also had some other questionable practices.

Sorry if this is a bit of a strange one but I was just wondering whether anyone would have any comments or experience of something like this?

Thank you if anyone can help.

flowery Thu 26-Jan-17 17:59:26

Can you link to the comment?

It doesn't preclude you from claiming unfair dismissal, no. However, compensation for unfair dismissal is based on actual financial loss. So if you get another job, it is unlikely to be worth your while putting in a claim, as your compensation would be very low anyway, if anything.

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