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Agency and handing in notice

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daniellewilson1987 Wed 25-Jan-17 12:12:02

I have been offered a full time job with the local authority and currently work for an agency in the same field. Currently i get about a month and a half worth of shifts for 1 company but i am employed and paid by the agency. Does anyone know what kind of notice i have to give to the agency. I have not been given a start date for the new job but now my dbs is through im assuming its not long until i start.

flowery Wed 25-Jan-17 14:09:20

What does your contract say?

daniellewilson1987 Wed 25-Jan-17 14:12:01

I dont have a copy or even aware of if i signed one. It was a very new agency with me being the second person they took on so things were all over the place

TheLittleFoxes Wed 25-Jan-17 14:26:27

I think for temporary workers - unless your contract specifies otherwise - it's a week.

flowery Wed 25-Jan-17 15:36:44

A week will be fine.

HotChoc10 Thu 26-Jan-17 17:45:52

ITs a week!

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