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Personality Differences

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BumDNC Mon 23-Jan-17 20:13:21

I think that's me being polite. I don't like my boss. I don't think many people like my boss but circumstances and the organisation set up make things difficult to address this. It's a wider issue and I am just a little fish in a big sea.

It's somewhat of a personality clash because I don't like my bosses personality or working methods (they are chaotic). I have to work closely with boss pretty much 1:1 all day every day. I feel like they don't listen to me, are controlling and blame spread everywhere, drama, chaos and I don't feel there is order or that I have much autonomy over any of my own work. I am at their beck and call and although I get some perks like occasional praise or leaving early now and then, these don't really offset any of the deeper problems.

I can't see it improving on its own but I find it hard to just make the best of it and detach. I left my last job because I had a very difficult colleague and similar situation that their incompetence was never addressed and it got brushed under the carpet and I had to pick up all the slack. I didn't leave on a bad note with my manager but I made it clear I was leaving because it wasn't addressed and the work itself was suffering through their bad attitude towards the work and I found it hard mentally and emotionally.

I don't think I am a difficult person to work with or for. I have always had good feedback from the majority of colleagues and even been asked back to jobs in the past. But I can be a bit of a people pleaser and have fairly high standards - I'm not a perfectionist but give everything full effort.

I'm bored in this role, the only real challenge is dealing with my managers funny moods and demands. There aren't any local jobs out at the moment and I don't know whether leaving another job is the right thing to do anyway. There will always be someone difficult somewhere, most organisations have these employees in them and maybe I need to learn how to deal with it better?
Any advice?

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