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Backdating a contract

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Fuzzywuzzywasawoman Fri 20-Jan-17 09:43:20

I received a new contract in Sept 16 following a promotion. The contact states the hours I had agreed verbally to work with my employer (just under full time) Unfortunately I didn't sign the blardy thing as I didn't realize i had to (stupid i know!) I've been working those hours since Sept and now all of a sudden the manager is saying I agreed to work full time and the contract I have is a HR error, and she got recrutment to send me another contract stating full time hours (obv I've not signed this one either)

My Union have told me to backdate and sign the original contract from Sept and post back to recruitment, but somehow this feels a bit like fraud and I'm a bit reluctant to do this without further advice. I've contacted the union again but not having any luck. has anyone got any further advice please? Thank you.

flowery Fri 20-Jan-17 12:11:33

So you were issued a contract with part time hours, and have been working those hours for 4 months, and both parties carrying on as normal in acceptance of that contract?

I agree with your union. Sign the contract now, and advise your manager that you accepted the promotion on the basis of those hours, and have been working those hours ever since, and although you hadn't yet signed the contract issued at the time, have been working in acceptance of it for the last four months.

You can bet your boots if it was the other way round, and you wanted to change your hours now, on the basis you hadn't signed the original contract, they'd be very clear that although you hadn't signed it, you had carried on working and are therefore deemed to have accepted the terms contained within it!

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 20-Jan-17 12:18:35

Have they been paying you as if full time or have they been paying you part time?

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