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Any human resources people here.

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Jaytee38 Fri 20-Jan-17 03:07:36


I'm in my 30s looking for a career change. I can attain an HNC in Human Resources at a local college. I don't have a history in the said job. My previous role was a senior nurse. However I feel I have some of the qualities. I have developed management and team skills. I have done appraisals and standards setting. I have been involved in disciplinary through to major gross incidences. I have also been involved in interview and selection process. There's probably more areas I could work out. I feel I really am a person who works well with other people.

My dilemma is I've checked job adverts and all want a human resources degree. I cannot afford that amount of time at university. So is the HNC worth it. Also if you work in the field would you feel I had any chance given my background.

Many thanks for any help.

daisychain01 Sat 21-Jan-17 05:14:45

I'd consider your current qualifications to check for anything compatible with your HR career aspirations. Also check the CIPD website because you may find that investing in their professional qualification is better than having to do an HND for 2 years, only to find you still need to do CIPD as well!

Main thing is try to get max bang for your buck by not doubling up on what you already have that can count towards your future aspiration.

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