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Credit check for job - help

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doublechocmagnums Thu 19-Jan-17 20:41:52

I have n/c for this because I am embarrassed about my past history, please don't judge, I am already ashamed and trying hard to put it right blush

Anyway I have been offered a job for a large financial organisation after months of unemployment. The offer is subject to a credit check. The job doesn't involve me handling money but they do the same check on all employees. My credit is dire due to really bad times a few years ago that I am in the process of sorting out.

All of my credit card debts (there are a few) are now with debt collection agencies, and although I have arrangements set up with them it will still look horrendous I am sure on a credit check. I also had a CCJ against me, but I settled and paid that off last year - but still. I have quite a large overdraft too on my bank account. I am refused any credit (or have been before, I don't ever apply for it now).

What details do they see when they run an employment credit check? I have read somewhere that they don't see everything but somewhere else says they do.

I am likely to fail this check and am absolutely gutted if I do and it costs me the job. I have worked so hard to make payments to my debtors and if I couldn't make them (since being redundant) I have always informed them and they have put my account on hold.

If it is only looking at ccj's or bankruptcy then I will be ok as I have paid off the ccj and haven't been bankrupt. But if they look at defaults, late payments etc then I am in a mess.

Any help or advise anyone can give me, or should I just accept that I won't get the job based on my bad credit? sad

hooliodancer Thu 19-Jan-17 20:51:11

Even if they only look for CCJ's they will see you had one as it stays on your record for 6 years. You could contact the HR department and be upfront, as you are not handling money. Banks are worried about the blackmail risk you pose as much as anything else though.

If I were you I would ring Stepchange tomorrow and ask them for advice. They are the experts.

Also you may get more support posting on moneysavingexpert debt free wannabe board- you will get great advice and knowledge there.

doublechocmagnums Thu 19-Jan-17 20:57:36

Thank you - I will tell HR I think in advance. My ccj shows as settled on my report so they will see that I didn't ignore it, I paid it off.

I spoke to Stepchange a while ago and CAB and they told me how to sort out arrangements with my debtors, which I now have in place.

I will also post on moneysaving expert to see if they can help too - thanks for the help.

thepetitpear Sun 29-Jan-17 19:23:09


I'd be interested to know how you got on? I'm currently in the same boat.

I've been offered a job at a call centre in a large bank and was contacted by them on Friday on the back of them running the pre-employment checks to explain any adverse credit I have. I have 2 defaults from 5 years ago that were issued by the same company as they split my account over 2 account numbers. One was settled just a few months later and the other is still ongoing with a current balance of £686.

I'm terrified of them withdrawing the offer because of it as the hours are just what I need.

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