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Wish employers would have a flippin' clue what they're trying to achieve!

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Pollyanna9 Tue 17-Jan-17 18:52:28

I'm a Change Manager and joined a company in September '16 to bring in a change programme to their organisation. We're using a piece of software which gathers data that can then be analysed to find out what the areas of the business are that need change, how and so on. So been doing that for this entire time working incredibly hard on it.

Wasn't that long in that one of the Directors started trying repeatedly to pull me off onto other pieces of work and droning on about 'oh we don't know if we're going to proceed' [with the change work I'm doing] and general waffling about it.

I soon realised that they have absolutely no buy-in at senior level for the software product I am implementing, that the framework for it within the company isn't supportive of it at the highest enough level so that I'm working on the ground literally on my own (in an 11,000 person company) with no comms from the big boys/directors/chief exec - and thus the work I'm doing is achieving the targets they set, but it's not implementing as well as I would like because I just don't have the support to achieve it.

If this were not bad enough they are now creating a software solution which is almost bloody IDENTICAL to the one that I'm already rolling out! But they're putting everything into it, all the support, all the cross-site framework and the message to the staff is v v clear that it HAS to be done, no resistance allowed (which is what my change project needed but has never had). It is SO disheartening hearing them going through all the pieces of work and processes and stages that I went through getting my one up and running, and now they're repeating doing that again for something that does the same thing!

How barmy is that? So they've actually rolled it out to some of the departments that I've not rolled mine out to yet - and in the departments I have already rolled mine out to, they've stopped using mine to use this other one instead! It makes a complete mockery of all the work I've done.

I just wish companies like this would have half a clue of what they are trying to achieve as an organisation so that they pick software and improvement programmes etc that actually meet their aims instead of going scattergun at what they choose, then by not understanding the product or solution that they chose, are then nonplussed and panicking when it doesn't deliver instantly what they thought it would (when it was never intended to be a quick fix). So they have a panic and bring something else in when in fact, the software solution I was doing should have been combined with their new one and rolled out together, not separately.

And sadly, there is impact on me. They were supposed to do this change project for a total of 3 years which would have been GREAT for my CV and I could have gotten some really good change manager jobs after that, now I'll be lucky if I get to finish the first year of the project, and I could be canned before the 12 month contract is up so now I've got to look at getting another job and I'm not going to be too tardy about it because it's only me bringing money in (single parent, XH not paying any maintenance and no savings left since having to spend £2k on a new boiler 2 days before Xmas). To get THIS job I was job hunting for two months whilst in the job I was in before then after that job ended I was totally out of work for 3 whole months - it's actually v v hard to get a job for myself.

Quite fed up and want to kill this one director who has been an absolute nightmare from soon after I first started. They've even ridiculous about this to the extent that if they do pull out of my change project they will actually have financial penalties levelled against them.

Talk about lack of decision making.

Rant over.

Just wish me luck with job hunting because it's SO hard to find something and I feel really demoralised and cheesed off. I wouldn't mind but I work SO so hard and put so much into my jobs.

daisychain01 Wed 18-Jan-17 05:06:02

Sounds infuriating for you, so sorry!

Benefit of hindsight... Dont you have an IT project manager and a business analyst whose job it was to create the economic business case including business benefits for the project?

For what seems like a very significant investment, they should have gained the buyin from senior leadership for the budget investment to have been approved to move the project forward from idea to implementation (11,000 employees makes it a large corporate, not an SME I believe).

daisychain01 Wed 18-Jan-17 05:07:04

My point about the size of company is that I'd assume they have reasonable governance structures in place, but maybe not....

dollyollymolly Wed 18-Jan-17 11:38:52

Sounds like a member of SMT has 'done a deal' with a 'mate'. It happens even in big companies with 11,000 staff, believe me....

I'd get my ducks in a row and start looking for something else. After a couple of months you can say you were oversold the role. After a year it could look as if you have failed.

Sorry you are in this position. Companies and their management teams can be exceptionally crap.

Pollyanna9 Wed 18-Jan-17 12:18:40

Yes dollymolly that's kind of where I'm at, definitely already job hunting already. There's more work for me here but the pay is rubbish (comparatively) and I'd probably have to work with the pillock who's been trying to sideline me off the project ever since I started here. I LOVE the boss I work for now but would likely have to switch to this fella and even the way he waffles and constructs his sentences just winds me up for some reason and I just wouldn't want to work for him!

Thankfully even if the project isn't taken forward I will still be able to mark it as a 'success' simply because we delivered what the objectives were (although if left to me the aims would have been far higher and wya more strictly defined - but it's not been possible to deliver to these more appropriate levels due to the poor project infrastructure and lack of high level support).

But as to 'did I meet all the milestones' actually I have as they were set by an external third party (regulator type body) that we had to comply with their requirements so technically can leave with my head held high so to speak.

Yes you would think that Daisychain wouldn't you! The type of organisation I'm working for are known for making poor decisions sadly not least over which systems to purchase or why, and often have very strange governance/PMO type setups - they have PMO people who seemingly have absolutely no connection or involvement with any of the projects you work on! Baffling.

Sorry about the moan but was looking forward to a 3 year stint with a big change project and to be able to put that on my CV would have been golden. Still, pull up me britches and crack on with finding someone else.

The fin year and at the end of March so I'm not counting end Aug as my last month (although it strictly would be if I was going to do the full 12 months here). But I should be able to complete the project close down by end March and that's the longest I'd want to give it because I guarantee that the pressure/requirement to step away from the project and work with this other fella on other pieces of work, will be massively ramped up and I honestly don't think I can tolerate very much more of him.

I hope to find out by end January if the project is going into yrs 2 or 3 but in all honesty, unless I had guarantees that they will give me the resources, framework, sponsor etc etc etc then I don't think I'd stay because I've already had comms from people who I've trained on 'my' software system to say oh can't do that any more, been doing the other one so we haven't got time to do that. Multiply that across the remaining organisation and I think we can see it wouldn't be possible to roll out successfully.

The one positive thing is that I've learned now to ask some very specific pointed questions about how the project has come about, who purchased it, which strategic goals it fits with, that's the project framework and governance, who is the selected project sponsor - all at interview before accepting the job. Livin' and learnin' all the time!

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