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my job probationary review meeting

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Roya785 Mon 16-Jan-17 11:06:09

Hi everyone. I have a question about probationary review meeting for my job.
Actually I started working at school from September 2016 till Christmas. As I am not permanent staff yet they extended my contract to Easter with extra hours. Last week I received a letter from school Head Teacher .she wrote: As you are aware your offer of employment at is subject to a satisfactory probationary period. Then
she invited me for review meeting to discuss my work performance during this time. I am worried about this meeting because my friend dismissed after meeting . Before this I ask her what she thinks about my performance and she said you are doing well smile But the problem is I can't stop worrying about this meeting .
And i dont know what she want to ask me and totally what is this meeting about ? Actually i really really love my job,i dont want to lose it Would be perfect if anyone has this experience help me smile

HotChoc10 Thu 26-Jan-17 17:59:21

Did they give your friend any kind of indication she wasn't doing well before she didn't pass? I've always worried before probation but been told generally, your boss should have given you a heads up if there was anything wrong

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