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Giving notice, a wwyd?

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Hopefullywaiting Sat 14-Jan-17 01:24:07

Hello there,

So I have been offerd another Job, the process has been very fast, With applying and being offered an interview the same day then receiving the confirmation call of acceptance the following day and induction Day after that. I must give 4 weeks notice to my Current Employer.

Now my manager is away on Holiday as of Sunday, Tommorow ( today) will be there last Day in before they are off. I believe it is for one week, but do not know for certain if it may be longer due to not having the rota done for that far ahead (as of yet).

My new job are fine to wait for the full notice period. However the position I am going for is a 0 hour contract, this intially worried me, but after speaking with recruitment officer feel a little more reassured before handing notice in. They also cannot place me at a permanent location without me having handed in my notice, so that they have a definitive start date. As otherwise this would potentially mean someone else ready and waiting to start work would be unable to take that position in that particular location. So they need my official start date. I would feel much more assured once I know they have my start date and can assign me to my location of work, as I don't want to get to the end of notice 4 weeks later to find out I missed out on recent suitable and convenient vacancies.

The role is in hospitality so also will need to get a DBS sent off, which can take around 4 weeks to process but anywhere up to 6 weeks to process. And my documents uploaded onto system. They would rather process all this once notice received at employers end and start date is set.

Now ideally I would like to hand in my notice Tommorow.
However I feel this is very poor timing with manager being in last day Tommorow and will have a lot to get through and I would imagine, depending how long they are away, sort at least one weeks rota. I can only assume the holiday will last a week due to staffing. But cannot be sure.
I also feel it seems inconsiderate or poor thought dropping a resignation on them as they are about to go off on holiday. So they are then thinking of recruitment issues and have a disrupted holiday ( they are a take there work home with them sort of person).

I believe there is an option to put in the notice to my deputy manager and could also email Hr letting them know of my resignation. They only keep Monday to Friday hours so nothing would actioned on there end tomorrow, if I was to hand the notice in , should the manager even get the notice over to them the same day. I don't know if this would seem poor show to hand it in to the Deputy manager rather than the manager. I would do this at the earliest opportunity next week. This also only really gives manager 3 weeks notice for recruitment ( assuming it's one weeks holiday only).

The other option is to wait a week or potentially a bit longer to hand in notice, adding at least a week on to start date of new employer. So another week where I miss out on a permanent position at somewhere I may be offered. The positions are offerd as they come up and based as close to your residence as possible. This also means the way payroll falls, I will only catch a few days at the end, so only payed a few days the following month. So financially very tricky.

Think handing in the notice next week to deputy manager would be the best option and a compromise between both party's. Feel a bit damned if I do and Dammed if I don't though.

Thanks very much for any advice received


EggnogChai Sat 14-Jan-17 01:57:47

Do not hand your notice in until you get your DBS back I've heard that in some cases people waiting 12-20 weeks for them to come back.

I would also reconsider starting a zero hour job, in hospitality you'll have full time hours but when it gets quiet your hours will drop. Most employers will tell you that there's loads of hours and not to worry but that's not always the case.

Lilaclily Sat 14-Jan-17 09:52:46

I agree, I wouldn't hand in my notice on a permanent job for a 0 hour contract

cansu Sat 14-Jan-17 15:40:23

Your new employer has no obligation to offer you any hours at all. No wonder it was quick they have nothing to lose. You however are giving up a permanent contract. I would give this careful thought.

SorrelSoup Sat 14-Jan-17 15:48:05

Also what about the mystery location?

VimFuego101 Sat 14-Jan-17 16:07:25

Why do you want to leave your current job to go to what seems like a very risky one?

Confirmyouraccount Sat 14-Jan-17 16:59:25

The role is in hospitality so also will need to get a DBS sent off

What role in hospitality requires a DBS? Enhanced?

Are you applying for an alcohol licence or key holding?

ChicRock Sat 14-Jan-17 17:02:46

A zero hours contract, at an unknown location, with no definite start date, and you have to be DBS checked beforehand??

You would be absolutely off your rocker to give notice to your current job under these circumstances.

MerylPeril Sat 14-Jan-17 17:09:57

We are having issues with DBS checks at the moment - they are taking AGES beware!

dollyollymolly Sat 14-Jan-17 17:10:40

Whatever you do, do not go from a full time permanent contract to a zero hours contract.

They are not obliged to offer you any work. You could have lots of hours or nothing. Can you afford not to do any hours? Also, you will not be paid for holiday or sickness.

Turn it down and find a decent employer.

Babyroobs Sat 14-Jan-17 18:31:56

I have recently had a dbs check and it was all sorted in a couple of weeks and that was over the Christmas period. As others have said I would not give up a permanent job for a zero hours one.

MerylPeril Sat 14-Jan-17 18:45:22

It depends which agency you use for DBS - I work in a school and we have been waiting 7 weeks on one now and they are saying it could be up to 14.

edwinbear Sat 14-Jan-17 22:07:15

I recently volunteered to be a parent reader at my DC's school, the DBS went off early October and I received it back last week - over 3 months! OP are you quite sure about this new job?

Hopefullywaiting Wed 18-Jan-17 14:55:59

Hello all,
Thankyou for your replys and sorry for my late response. I Have tried typing out a reply and update with no luck until now, as Sat couldn't get connection to send through and kept losing my typed replys since, as it has been hectic.

I did not hand in my notice at work and after carefull consideration I don't plan to take the hospitality role. In answer to some earlier replys, The reason for wanting to leave current job is I am very unhappy and was very close to raising a grievance against my manager. I didn't feel I could cope there much longer. My current job is a part time job with fairly small hours. The 0 hours contract offerd, I could manage if there was the odd week here or there without hours as circumstances allow me too, although this would not be ideal.

There has been developments at my current role and the business is going into consultation. Our current location is closing down. We have the option to transfer to another few locations nominated by the Company ( which isn't really feasible for me) or take voluntary redundancy. If I take the redundancy as far as I am aware I will not be released until the end of contract for current location which Is over two months away. So Any new employment would have to now commence after that time instead of around 4 weeks. I will see if I can get clarification on that though.

I have found another job which is 0 hours but would love to do it and have wanted to for some time. The nature of work means there is always going to be a need for it. The DBS will take a couple of days as long as it's electronically received then I can go ahead, with hard copy arriving later. I can also start this new role and work around current employer until contract ends as not a long time period, new potential employer are happy to do this until I become permanently available. I just need to complete training, I believe later part will be on job.

Just need to get a few more details and confirmation of all options available before making a decision.

Thanks again for all your responses

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