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Anyone a Data Scientist or Bioinformatician?

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CountryLovingGirl Thu 12-Jan-17 09:07:33


I am contemplating doing a MSc in either Bioinformatics or Data Science as I desperately want to leave the NHS for another career. I want to keep within an area related to science and I am quite interested in data/epidemiology. I have a BSc and PGDip in the Biomed field.

Would a MSc in either subject allow me to work as either a Data Scientist or a Bioinformatician? Also, how many jobs are advertised a working from home? I would LOVE to work from home! I am a little worried about my age (I am 45 this year) but I can't sustain working many weekends (literally, every weekend) and nights as a mum of 2. My husband also works weekends and we have little family time/quality of life.I want to progress and feel frustrated in my current profession.
Any words of wisdom?

daisychain01 Fri 13-Jan-17 05:55:55

I would be inclined to talk with the Uni where you plan to study your MSc and ask them for ongoing careers advice before you commit to enrolling. They will be able to give you career profiles for jobs where the qualification is needed.

The pharmaceutical industry employs data scientists, maybe do some research re the location of any pharmaCos in your area?

I expect if you do contract work, the home working would be easier to justify. I'm amazed at how so many companies are still significantly biased towards "bums on seats" mentality. You could find a family friendly company who don't mind home working 1day a week but I'm not sure if you went in with the expectation of lots of home working that many places would say yes no problem, but I'm only speculating. Case by case basis, methinks!

MrAliBongo Sat 14-Jan-17 17:24:12

Lots of data science jobs advertised on Linkdin etc... Have a look and see what qualifications they're actually looking for. I was a data scientist at a research institute for 10 years before a recent career change. No qualifications in data science/informatics, but a research background related to the work of the institute, so I had insights into the data themselves, and I had experience of scientific computing/programming, which REALLY helped.

Working conditions will vary massively according to the nature of the employer. I was in the public sector, big team of us, which allowed plenty of flexibility, but full-time home-working wouldn't have been workable - it really was a team enterprise, so plenty of contact-time was a must.

Your age shouldn't be a barrier - let's face it, you could have 20+ years in the game!

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