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Maternity cover

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peanut2017 Thu 12-Jan-17 06:23:02

Hi Sorry for the lengthy post. Looking for some advice. based in Ireland and will be going on maternity shortly. Position I'm in is senior managing a team of 8 people. Told by my direct line before Christmas that my maternity cover will be kept on permanently when I come back?

I got a bit upset about that as feeling vulnerable enough not being there as we are a fast paced company with lots happening while I am out. Plus my direct line wouldn't have much tact or emotional intelligence in their delivery. Expressed my concern around this and having another senior person on the team. We need more Indians than chiefs. She couldn't tell me what they would be doing when I come back.

Was working from home last week as have a touch of spd and on Monday when I was back in got an email in the late afternoon from her to say could I review a job description that was going live next morning and let her know if any queries. Felt under pressure to review. The description has no mention of covering a maternity or my duties or responsibilities. Then hour later got another email to say forget that job description as she spoke to our CEO and the description will just be about my cover as so much happens in the company that they can't be too prescriptive about what the role is.

Second email didn't mention that this new description was going up as assumed as it's my role I would be consulted on it first. I'm recruiting at the moment and my agency contacted to to say congrats as they saw the position for my cover - I didn't know it was live. Was also put up day before on company linked in page.

I expressed that this person should report into me as we already have 3 senior people involved in our function which again she agreed with but it's not on the job spec.

I was pissed off at my treatment so expressed this to her. Got bit defensive and said "well you weren't here last week and I needed to move on it". Explained that I was working from home and was on calls / emails but she said she didn't want to contact me. She has a thing about people working from home - that you don't do anything.

She still can't tell me what they will be doing when I come back and their reason is that they don't feel s cover will deliver what we need over the next year. I have indicated that I probably will take the unpaid leave.

Got email at 9.45pm last night to say can she tell my team on Friday and would I be ok with that? Feel like saying they have probably seen the ad anyway. Not sure how to respond.

Didn't leave last discussion on the best of terms.

Not sure what I can do on this? It's more how I've been treated when a couple of days ago she's telling one of our agencies how I'm her right hand woman.

Any thoughts please & again sorry for length, didn't want to drop feed.

daisychain01 Thu 12-Jan-17 06:40:33

I don't feel they have done anything wrong. Thy do need to arrange cover and they have tried to keep you in the loop.

That said, I can understand you feeling vulnerable about going on mat leave and having to relinquish your hard-won management level while you are on leave.

I would focus on getting ready to go on mat leave and deal with regaining your status when you return, otherwise you'll be stressing out over things you can't control and imagining your mat cover trying to take away your responsibilities during your absence. When I am sure the company does value you and your expertise by the sounds of it.

StealthPolarBear Thu 12-Jan-17 06:43:51

So the issue is they didn't tell you the job would be going up before it did?
Are you the recruiting manager?

peanut2017 Thu 12-Jan-17 07:16:51

Thanks for responding. Totally hear what you are both saying. It's not the norm that your mat cover would then be made permanent and the company can't tell me what specifically they will be doing when I come back but it will be senior and involved in my area.

I wasn't consulted on the job description for my role nor did they think I would want to be involved in the recruitment of the person.

Also didn't tell me it was going live and heard second hand from my recruitment agency which was embarrassing.

I'm not in hr but I do recruit people and I wouldn't treat a senior person on my team like this.

Also all done on email when our offices are right beside each other.

I know I need to focus on what's important - the baby but just feeling a bit sore about it.

Totally get they need to act fast but they have know I'm pregnant for over 3 months now.

Anyone I speak to who has had someone cover their maternity is temp and hasn't been kept on.


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