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Multiple Maternity Policies In Operation

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Tyakit Thu 22-Feb-07 14:09:03

I posted this yesterday under the Pregnancy topic and it was suggested that I post here for advice also:
I know I should be grateful that my company is generous enough to give its employees additional maternity pay. I am entitled to 12 wks on full pay and then statutory mat pay.
However HR sent me an email today to confirm my Mat leave arrangements and attached a 'family friendly policy' doc to the email. This policy stated that I was entitled to 18wks on full pay and then £300 bonus per month for 6 mths on return to work. When I pointed this out I was told that this policy did not apply to me and was then sent a different mat policy.
Can't help feeling a bit sick that some people are getting an extra 6wks paid leave and a bonus for returning to work. A colleague who has just gone on mat leave is receiving this and we are the same grade and do the same job.
Is it legal to have more than one mat policy in operation at the same time some years after company mergers?
I have searched the company intranet today and found that there are in fact 3 separate policies in operation and both the other 2 offer 18wks paid leave. I am querying my ts&cs with HR as I think there is some doubt over which set I am on as the company name they claim I am covered by ceased use the week I started work in late 2004.
Any advice gratefully received!

chocolatekimmy Thu 22-Feb-07 20:56:23

You will have to refer to your terms and conditions and any subsequent amendments to establish which policy you come under. The company (and you) should have a signed copy.

Its pretty poor that you were sent the family friendly one - someone should have checked first.

Yes its possible to have different terms and conditions for different people at the same company. Its all dependent on when you joined and which terms you were issued with and accepted.

Can you check your colleagues t&c's and compare? HR will need to give you a robust response + evidence

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