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Mat leave just started and pissed off - should I even bother arranging to see my boss?

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Heatherbell1978 Tue 10-Jan-17 16:06:11

Started a new role in a big company in March 2016 (been in company a few years now) and the role has been challenging. Career change for me and although my boss has been great in many respects she's been poor in others and I basically had to find my own way with the role. DD due in Feb and I decided to finish up before Xmas. I'm now on holiday until mat leave officially starts in February.

My boss and team are all younger than me and my boss has no experience of mat leave policy so I basically put her right with it all (this is my second child) which is fine. But in the months leading up to me leaving I rarely saw her, combo of working from home (which our team does regularly), her holidays and her sickness plus she moved home early December. I had a meeting with her early November where I told her I would finish up at Xmas which was fine. Then I hardly saw her until early December when she seemed genuinely surprised I was finishing when I was; she clearly forgot our last chat. I said I urgently needed to know who to hand stuff over to, we agreed that, and then the next few weeks was spent with me writing handover notes and handing work over.
I saw her on our Xmas night out (my penultimate day) and we chatted but she'd had a few so nothing too work oriented. The next day was my last day and I heard nothing from her. So that's me finished and it all feels weird.

I sent her many emails in my last few weeks with my holiday calcs as well as things needing done by her once I was away (she was on holiday) so I know I've covered everything. I suggested we meet for coffee so I could have a proper chat but kind of feel she should have got in touch.

Should I just leave it and focus on relaxing and the baby or push for a catch-up? I'd like to tie up some loose ends but also annoyed at her poor communication with me in the run up to me leaving especially as we do get along fine.

littleladybird14 Tue 10-Jan-17 17:59:36

If it was me id leave it as it is, youve done all you can from your side and if she's not made any effort then more fool her. I think if there is any other loose ends though just send one final email detailing this and any queries re holiday pay etc. Maybe copy HR in which I assume your company has and will have formally processed your maternity leave, it will also evidence to them your contact with your manager.
After that I'd just relax and await your baby smile . I had a stupid amount of contact when I first started mat leave despite a thorough handover, so much so I had a text the morning of my induction from a colleague (who blagged her way into role but clearly clueless on a lot!) asking where a file was, I told her to search the folder but wanted to tell her where to shove the file!! Enjoy your mat leave!

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