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Carry over of sickness record after new job/redundancy

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MissCherryCakeyBun Mon 09-Jan-17 11:57:24

Sorry for the long post but want to give all the info I can up front.....
I work for a large international company (who have rubbish HR) at the end of last summer I was given notice that I was facing redundancy and would be finishing at the end of October (12 weeks notice etc.) I then was provided with external support to find another role and searched high and low etc. etc. Less 1 week before I was due to finish I was called into a meeting and told that another team member was leaving (voluntarily not redundancy) and as the head count had changed in the team they would offer me a new role doing similar work, if I refused the role I would not get my redundancy payment. I needed the job (like we all do) so I accepted the job, signed a new contract and after a long wait (over a month) I got my job description. I am working in the same team doing exactly the same job with a slightly different job description.
on the 19th November a cracked a tooth started to give me terrible tooth ache so I finished work at 11 to go to the dentist who told me I needed emergency Root Canal and booked me appointments for the next 2 weeks then a break and finish the work after Christmas.
I then got an abscess in my gum and had a few days off work came back to work for a day then had another day off (monday after a weekend due to the abscess flaring up I then had new antibiotics. On my return to work I was called for a return to work meeting and then told I need and absence review (that could lead to a formal warning) as I had gone over the 3% allowed absence. I was then informed this included an absence I had during the summer whilst I was employed in another role (different contract etc) I feel quite aggrieved by this as none of the absences have been me swinging the lead and all have documentation from Doctors/dentists to confirm that i was not able to work. I am currently trying to get support under a harassment policy at work as I am having problems with 2 of the 3 managers I support (they are best friends who job share and neither work Fridays !)
Sorry to drag this out but felt you needed the info....Can they include my sickness time from my previous job in my current job? I may be in the same team but I have a new job and a new contract?
I'm feeling very upset and at the point where I want to leave my job but financially I stuffed if I do.

flowery Mon 09-Jan-17 13:29:19

Yes of course. Your sickness record is what it is- the fact that the role you are doing changed doesn't affect that.

If they have a standard formula of 3% that triggers a review they can't treat you differently as that wouldn't be fair on others. But do you have any reason to think a review meeting will necessarily end in a formal warning? Where there is a standard trigger, if your absence is all doctor-supported it would frequently be a meeting as a procedural formality rather than a sanction.

MissCherryCakeyBun Mon 09-Jan-17 14:07:54

My question is because it's my actual job that's changed I've got a new contract, etc because of the redundancy it's a new job they have made so I finished my old job started a new one. If I had changed departments when I started the new job etc I don't see what would have happened. As it would have only been what the manger could see the dental absence.

flowery Mon 09-Jan-17 14:14:01

Yes I understand the question, but your sickness record is what it is, the fact that you've changed jobs doesn't affect it.

Do you have some reason to think it should make a difference? Was your past sickness related to the job you were doing and you feel this new job won't have an impact on your health, or something?

Whatever reasons you have for the absence, or other things you think are relevant, you'll be able to bring them up in the review meeting.

MissCherryCakeyBun Mon 09-Jan-17 21:17:32

My sickness in the summer was a month off with massive amounts of pelvic pain and prolonged period ) I passed out on 4 occasions and I'm not a wimp) I was eventually diagnosed with a severe pelvic infection and had antibiotics and bedrest. The dr /gynaecologist signed me off work for the entire time as I was bleeding a lot sorry if tmi. I was in touch with work every week letting them know how I was etc. I had one day off in November ( I suffer with migraines but very very rarely take any time off with it 1st day off that year) then the cracked tooth and dental abscess emergency root canal.
I had 3 days off (2 full days) 2 half days following the abscess and root canal treatment as I wasn't supposed to drive after the anaesthetic ( it effects me badly as I have a form of EDS ) I worked in the mornings prior to the treatment.
It's all done now anyway as I got an absence warning in the meeting this afternoon sad thanks for your advice tho. It helps to be able to talk

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