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Delayed pay rise

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YBR Thu 05-Jan-17 19:41:51

I had a promotion interview in early October. I heard last year (verbally) that I did not get the promotion but had been put forward for a pay rise. I have not heard anything officially yet. It will be significant to me how long it takes and whether it is backdated as I worked a lot of overtime at Christmas.

I don't want to drip-feed: We transferred by TUPE into a larger company and I understand this is the first pay rise request put through by my boss since then. I have heard that my boss and the 2 above him have approved the paper work but it also needs to go to someone in HQ (mainland Europe). I get that large companies often have onerous accountability processes and thus can take longer.

I'm at a loss as to how a professional should act in this situation. I really feel that 3 months is absurd but don't want to nag inappropriately. What would you do?

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