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Can't do job safely whilst pregnant

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TheTartOfAsgard Thu 05-Jan-17 19:09:16

Want to try and get as much detail in so apologies for the length.

I Started a new job in September and found out I was pregnant 3 weeks later (contraception failure, not TTC)

Had a few days off here and there for routine appointments and physio for lower back pain, which is now being treated as suspected SPD (doc said can't be officially diagnosed until after birth as X-ray needed)
Was signed off just before xmas, as because painkillers I was taking was dulling the pain, I was over exerting myself, and GP said I needed a complete rest from doing anything strenuous.

Whilst off work I had a call from a manager to see how I was, and was asked what GP said prognosis was. I explained What I had been told and that the GP had given me a list of 'do' and 'dont'. The problem is that all the 'don'ts' are things that I have to do in my job, i.e. Lifting, standing for prolonged time, pushing and pulling, bending and squatting, stretching, and they are unable to accommodate me in using the techniques given to manage the pain (I don't even have a chair!)
When I explained to the manager she went off on a spiel about how I've let colleagues down by being off at busy time, it's not good for the company and that if they couldn't even do anything then they may have to make a hard decision. Call ended with me telling her I had GP appointment Tuesday and that I would let her know what he said with regards to when I'd be fit to go back.

GP said I shouldn't go back and he would sign off for rest of pregnancy but I made him sign me as fit for work starting next Monday, as I'm a lp and need the money. I emailed manager on Tuesday to let her know and ask for shift patterns for next week. (She has Tuesday and Wednesday off so couldn't call) but have yet to hear back.

I was on 3 month probation which was due to end just before xmas so I'm presuming this has ended.

My question is what happens next? I looked on the cab site and it says if they can't offer me alternative work in the company then they have to suspend me, is this up to date? Does it still count if I'm on probation (as I don't know if it's been extended)?
Can I be fired?

Would it be better if I just took GP up on offer to sign me off for rest of pregnancy (I'm 18+4) or will this muck up my ML, which I intend to take as soon as I'm able.
I'm not elegible for SMP so will I still be able to claim MA if off sick for 13 weeks?

This is just all so stressful and I don't know what's best to do in the long term, or if it's even my choice!

TheTartOfAsgard Thu 05-Jan-17 19:11:49


manager said if I couldn't even do anything relating to my job then they might have to make a hard decision

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