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Treated badly since coming back from maternity

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Blue1971 Thu 05-Jan-17 05:07:54

Came back from maternity 2015. Salary was cut back in 2015 reducing my bonus to almost nothing. My employer didnt want me in the job i was in and moved me to another department. Wage still not recovered to previous state. Bonus still slashed. In my new position i suffered a breakdown of my relationship which affected my job ie struggling so asked for time off to sort situation ie split and was taken in and told they were moving me to a lesser position and bringing in a typist to take my job. I fought to stay where i was and moved out at the same time. Having sorted my situation i went back to manager and said i had sorted external situation and i wanted left where i was. So he left me for the time being. Meanwhile he brought round the typist to work in my department and now he's moving me to another position and salary still not up where it was since before pregnancy. Anyone help at all? Any legal advice?

NewIdeasToday Thu 05-Jan-17 06:42:52

No legal advice. But it sounds like you asked to take a lesser position due to personal circumstances. So why would your salary go back up? It's unclear what you expect here and why.

Blue1971 Thu 05-Jan-17 06:47:04

I sorted my personal circumstances so didn't require moved or special treatment. And my wage shouldnt suffer when coming back from maternity. That's discrimination.

Scooby20 Thu 05-Jan-17 06:56:57

So were you the only person to suffer from the wage/bonus reduction?

Blue1971 Thu 05-Jan-17 07:02:48

Yes. Its common knowledge that when you come back from maternity it takes about three years for your bonus to recover. All the mums were telling me. I dont think that's right.

Ohdearducks Thu 05-Jan-17 07:11:51

Call ACAS for advice, what reason did they give for cutting your salary? If it was a discriminatory act due to pregnancy/maternity leave I'm not sure what can be done at this stage as it's nearly two years ago.
Has he said why you're being moved again? Have you had a performance review indicating he's not happy with your work?

Scooby20 Thu 05-Jan-17 07:12:49

Then get legal advice. If this only happens to people who are maternity then it could be discrimination.

I dont really understand how they manage to cut salary and bonus only for people returning from maternity, though so cant really help further.

greenfolder Thu 05-Jan-17 07:14:14

If you go back on the same hours they cannot cut your money,. What reason was given?

Blue1971 Thu 05-Jan-17 07:17:01

No. Not had a performance review in a while. Wasn't told they weren't happy.

Blue1971 Thu 05-Jan-17 07:19:11

No reason given for the cut of money. The bonus is based on previous year's work so as was off on maternity that was understandable. But now another year on and wage still not up and getting moved again.

Scooby20 Thu 05-Jan-17 08:13:49

At our work if you have been on mat leave (or long term sick for example) you get an average of the last 3 quarters bonus. I dont know if this is law or just policy though.

I dont understand how they get away with cutting your wage when you have been on mat leave and no one has challenged it yet.

The moving around posts is more difficult to prove its due you taking mat leave. But, from what you said, the pay side seems clear cut.

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