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Developing skills as an interviewer

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GerardNoWay Sun 01-Jan-17 14:36:40

I currently work in recruitment. My role at the moment is interviewing 16-18 year olds for apprenticeship courses and job roles. I have worked in recruitment for four years in different capacities. First role I was an assistant to a consultant, subsequent role I was an in-house recruiter for a company, and now this role.

I feel I am good at my job, but have been having a think today about how I can up my game and be more successful in my career. My employer is very heavily focused on results, bonus scheme is good and there are routes for progression, etc.

I am very conscious that I have never had any formal interview training. My first recruitment role was for a rather large company and I did three days of training there but it was very much focused on sales, rather than getting to know candidates. Since then I have developed my own technique as an interviewer, which works, but no woman is an island and I want to formally develop my skills.

I am, of course, going to approach my manager about this and ask about any CPD I can undertake to improve. However, can I ask if anyone has any good resources, knowledge, courses, etc that they could recommend so I can begin off my own back?

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