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Mental health issues

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AngelicFruitcakexx Fri 23-Dec-16 16:15:28

I have suffered with anxiety and depression for many years and take a high dose of anti depressants.
I have worked for the same care company for 23 years. I used to work in residential units but I found it emotionally too hard. (Things like being forced to get people up at a particular time. Having to deal with up to 10 people at once, all wanting toilets, drinks, dementia sufferers... all of it was not my idea of care at all. )
Because of this, 18 years ago, I changed job within the company to crisis domiciliary night care. (To prevent people going into hospital, facilitate discharges etc)
Happy days... I get to look after people 1:1, I have the time talk to them, without rushing them or clock watching.
3 years ago, the service was given to a different manager, who I don't think manages it very well.
Now, when we have no domiciliary work in the community, she demands that we work in a supported living complex for young people with physical/learning disabilities.
Because of these changes, I have taken on a bank position with a company who deal solely with end if life (which I love)
My depression has started to deteriorate as i'm approaching menopause. And my anxiety came to a head the other week when I was subject to a common assault in the supported living complex.
I am signed off sick for a few weeks now, my manager is referring me to OH.
I have asked my manager if I can take unpaid leave when I have no domiciliary work. (My relief end of life always has night sits that need covering). She says this is not an option. (Before she took over, we were allowed to do this without any problems)
So I either have to work in the complex or in a unit.
I detest both.
If I could, I would leave and join the end of life team... but this is only bank work and there is no security.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas (other than 'be grateful you have a job'!)

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