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Interview feedback - any recruiters/HR able to give advice

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kiwimumof2boys Thu 22-Dec-16 01:27:25

I'm in the process of looking for full time work after a break of 6 years, however in that 6 years I have completed a post grad qualification, and have volunteered in the field I want to work in.
So far i have had 3 interviews. I was unsuccessful in all. 2 went quite well, 1 not .
What really annoys me is the way I was informed. All 3 have been a ph call going "Hi Kiwi, thanks for coming in, you were unsuccessful as we wanted someone with more experience." OK - I understand someone else got the job. Fine. But the "more experience" thing really p!sses me off. It clearly states on my CV my qualifications and experience (have had it checked by a professional), so if they wanted someone with more experience why bother interviewing me in the first place?
I have asked for feedback only to get "Oh you were fine but we hired someone with more experience." One place said "Not our policy to give feedback."
I just want to know what the hell I'm doing wrong! to be told ie: you could've given a better example on this question, or had better knowledge of this etc. Just something like that.
I know employers are busy, don't get me wrong, but it is just so disinheartening when you have spent hours of time on preparation and money on transport, out of pocket (I have had to take time off work to go to interviews - if I don't work I don't get paid), to go to an interview to be fobbed off with the 'experience' excuse.
Any advice? Thanks!

dollyollymolly Thu 22-Dec-16 06:59:11

I'm not really sure there is much you can do. Over the last few years, employers/recruiters have developed a very arrogant attitude (certainly in the area I work in). At the moment, there are more candidates than jobs.

Keep plugging away, the right thing will come up. You'll then be relieved that you didn't get any of the other jobs. Don't be at all surprised if they get re-advertised at some point soon. It usually happens with shoddy employers.

RhinestoneCowgirl Thu 22-Dec-16 07:04:19

I don't think you're doing anything wrong. I think it's just very competitive at the moment.

Keep going with it, you will find the right job. I had so many 'you were good but someone else was better' phone calls before I got my current job.

ChuckSnowballs Thu 22-Dec-16 07:08:41

I agree with that sentiment, if you were lacking in experience then why interview you?

One thing that has worked for me.

At the end when they ask if you have any questions, ask these three.

1: What qualities are you looking for in the person to do this job. If they mention things not previously asked then this is a time you can mop up any further qualities they want.

2: Is there anything else you want to know about me? This gives them a chance to go through anything else that you haven't covered in your previous answers.

3: 'this sounds like just the sort of role I am looking for, what are the next steps?' Reaffirms your interest and that you want to progress.

These were given to me by a recruitment consultant, as part of a workshop for professionals paid for by JC+ back in the day when I had 14 weeks of unemployment and It has worked every time.

Bagina Thu 22-Dec-16 07:11:08

I'm with you! I got told I didn't have experience of working in X. Yes, we all knew that before I spent 3 hours at your organisation!!!

DragonMamma Thu 22-Dec-16 20:00:18

Do you think it's a case of you perhaps bigging your experience up on your CV but then upon interviewing you, they realise that there isn't much beyond that?

I've had that a few times where somebody has 'experience' in an area then you interview and find out that they did it once, a couple of years ago, which wouldn't be what we would need.

kiwimumof2boys Fri 23-Dec-16 01:55:00

Thanks for all your replies. Chuck thanks for those questions - defintely something to look at when I'm preparing for my next interview. I was tempted last time to ask straight out 'do I actually have the experience to do this job? I have had a few bad experiences where it is apparent I'm not so obviously don't want to waste yours and my time' - obviously I won't !
Dragon I'm pretty sure that isn't the case - I'm very clear about my skills and can use recent examples of them.
It also looks like I'm not the only one who gets frustrated - Bagina 3 hour interview ? shock. I get the impression sometimes I'm there merely to make up numbers ie they already have someone in mind, just have to go through the motions. So frustrating.

Catinthecorner Fri 23-Dec-16 02:08:06

On the questions to ask front:

Are there any concerns about my ability to excel in this role that I might address? (Polite version of - why might you reject me so I can tell you my good points)

What do you see as the difference between people who have been good at 'role' and excellent at 'role'? (Basically tell me how to differentiate myself from the crowd so I can reiterate how awesome I am).

WeAllHaveWings Fri 23-Dec-16 09:30:57

kiwi I know it is hard, I was made redundant in 2012 after 25 years with the same company. I had 7 rejections (one was self inflicted when I asked about and disagreed with the interviewers management style) before I was offered a position. Sometimes there isn't much feedback to give, on the day there was just someone they thought/felt was better suited to that role/team/their company.

The rejections one after the other are hard not to take very personally when you invest so much of yourself in them, try not to, and good luck with your job search in the new year.

Some good ideas for questions above which you can take and mould into a question which suits you personally.

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