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Has anyone used a career or work coach to help them achieve?

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CookieDoughKid Mon 19-Dec-16 23:20:02

I have recently accepted a prominent role with a leading well known company. It's a huge step up and I'm suffering from feeling that they have offered the job to the wrong person (plus half the things on the job spec are things I've never done before). However, it would be a major step in the right direction in terms of career development for me. It's a 6 figure salary role and a highly visible role.

I am wondering if I should get a coach who can help with public speaking (I have a fear of it) and help with some of the more entreprenurial and networking aspects of the role (it's a highly collobarative business developemt role).

Has anyone had coaching? Can they recommend a company or person who helps women in the City and help achieve deliver above and beyond on that 'big' job? Does such a thing exist?!

strongandlong Wed 21-Dec-16 10:24:44

Not exactly what you're looking for, but DH had coaching in public speaking from Max Atkinson, which he found really useful. He's certainly an excellent speaker now.

Place marking for ideas on other areas!

You wouldn't have been offered the job if they weren't confident you'd do it well. Good luck!

CookieDoughKid Wed 21-Dec-16 12:43:08

Thank you Strong. It's always good to have a recommendation and yes, I'll definitely be checking out Max Atkinson. Thank you so much - really grateful.

EBearhug Mon 26-Dec-16 21:29:33

Is there a local Toastmasters group near you? Might be worth a go for ongoing practice. However, 1-2-1 coaching might be better to get you up to speed.

My company offers fairly regular courses on things like speaking in public and various other skills, so that's worth checking our. Also check if they have any mentoring opportunities.

CookieDoughKid Mon 26-Dec-16 21:56:08

Thanks Ebear. Would you be able to pm your company details?

Mehfruittea Mon 26-Dec-16 22:03:52

Would second mentoring, perhaps someone in a similar role in another company based nearby? Great networking opportunity too. Use LinkedIn to identify someone.

I had some career issues that I wanted coaching to help with, but wanted an external coach. I didn't want to pay for it so used the company EAP instead. I had a counsellor for 6 sessions and we worked through my issues - confidence, assertiveness and returning to work after mat leave disabled. I think they need the same skillet as a coach and I got what I needed out of it.

EBearhug Tue 27-Dec-16 01:26:59

Would you be able to pm your company details?

Sorry - I wasn't clear. They don't do external training, but offer lots of internal courses, in person, by webinar and online prerecorded things. I'd expect most big corporates to do so, but it's possible my expectations are unrealistic.

fiorentina Wed 28-Dec-16 22:20:10

I've used a coach in the past and would recommend the experience to work through challenges. I will happily PM you a contact who supports colleagues in City roles.

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